Beef and Broccoli Lasagne; What’s on Your Counter? and Weekly Menu — 10 Comments

  1. Like you, I always have a filled fruit bowl, too. At this time of year it’s grapefruits and clementines and lemons. However, My Beloved won’t snack on them unless I peel them first, so I tend to take three or four clementines with me to lunch and dinner, and peel them while we talk after eating, passing them over to him. He enjoys them greatly, just doesn’t like the peeling, I guess.

  2. Yes a fruit bowl is common down here. I also keep tomatoes, lemons, red pepper bananas most of the year. Fruit that doesn’t go well in the fridge.Also Big bowl of lemons or limes are a great design addition.very pretty.

  3. Cat, Thanks, great network! I’ll spend some time there this weekend ;-))
    Zoomie, you have spoiled your Beloved… Or figured out how to get him to eat fruit. Mon mari never touched it when I kept it in the fridge.
    Peter, both important for good food. I had a co-worker once who would not eat anything green – can you imaging?
    Gilli, for some reason are lemons are not that good here and usually have to be kept in the fridge or they spoil….
    Year on the Grill, since I’ve discovered no-cook noodles experimenting is a lot easier and more fun. How about a BBQ chicken lasagne?

  4. Thanks for lead on citrus and kiwi together, didn’t know that. Just removed my grapefruits and lemons from my fruit bowl! It’s on my dining room table most of the time, and I keep a bowl in the kitchen as well. Never ever in the fridge, I hate cold fruit, can’t eat it.
    Zoomies comment made me smile, my mom used to do that for my dad as well. My kids here are the same, they go for the “easy” fruit.

  5. I don’t keep any fruit in the fridge – it doesn’t taste nearly as good as at room temperature. I lose the occasional piece when I don’t eat it soon enough, but rarely enough that it’s worth it to me to have it out, available and tasty.

  6. Great post – as usual. Too bad you didn’t get a chance to send the gorgeous lasagna to Presto Pasta Nights.

  7. Baking Soda, I didn’t know that until we lived in the Vendee, We had kiwi fruit vines, and the first time I brought some in and put them in the fruit bowl I had rotten Clementines a day later. It happens fast!
    Zoomie, for some reason mon mari likes his grapefruit cold. So he puts one in every night to chill for breakfast…. And I like cold apples – but a fruit celler would be cold enough.
    Ruth, wasn’t thinking….. until about 30 minutes after I posted…. sad to see the brain go….