Beef and Pepper Quiche; Do it with Enthusiasm — 14 Comments

  1. Poor Sedi, to have to sit and watch you go up the hill that she can no longer manage. But it sounds like the rest of her day is good and, at her age, that’s important.

  2. Poor Sedi, I could see her through your eyes… My man tells me I’m inmortal, it’s a joke he does to me because I am really lucky with my body features. He is a wise man and I want to believe him. Getting old is… sad.
    Let’s eat your quiche to get the life fuel we need! It looks great Katie 😀

  3. What a sad story.. until you made me turn around and look again now with the second story in mind.
    I love quiches! I see them as a meal, my family think it a tooth filling, nice but not substantial (enough). That’s sad too in an entirely different way.

  4. Thats a wonderful story Katie. Old friends having fun that’s the way I want to spend my declining years. Great idea with the rice crust. Excellent for my celiac friend.

  5. What wonderful interweaving wisdom in your stories!
    Quiche, yes I keep meaning to do one again. Your rice crust reminds me of one I used to do with parmesan and then fill with veggies … need to revisit that one too!

  6. A great post, Katie. And an important lesson from Sedi and the old golfers: Whatever life deals you, do your best to keep enjoying it. “Do it with enthusiasm” is exactly right.

  7. Cookin’ Canuck, thanks – I never learned to make pie crust – so I cheat and make it healthier…
    Zoomie, she is still the happiest dog – thinks she’s a puppy (at times)
    Val, they were such a hoot!
    Nuria, You have a very wise man ;-))
    Baking Soda, they are a meal for us – but probably wouldn’t be for kids… I’m sad when I look at Sedi – she just wags her tail and smiles
    Gilli, me too – sitting on a boat with a G & T sounds pretty good, too.
    Thanks, Maureen, I smile just thinking of those guys.
    Tanna, Parmesan is always good – I’ll look for the post ;-))
    Terry, if only I always remembered it….
    MC, she’s doing fine in her own way.
    Year of the Grill, yes, whatever I make must have meat…. and sometimes more on the side.