Ensaïmadas; The Bread Baking Babes do Mallorca — 12 Comments

  1. Don’t forget the Middle East!
    Your rolls are simply lovely, so delicate and graceful. I love that you slathered them in butter. 🙂

  2. Beautiful rolls! I’m with you – the hardest part about making these was waiting for them to cool. Didn’t happen in my house, either.

  3. Great rolls,great to know that you can use olive oil too (I used butter/shortening). Really delicious!!
    (My post will be on later today)

  4. Oooh, these look delicious! And we have both pork lard AND duck fat in the fridge. And olive oil too. Oh, oh. Which shall I use; which shall I use?

  5. Natashya, butter makes everything better!
    Baking Soda, they were yummy – every last one of them!
    Lynn, whoever made that rule about bread cooling must not have been a baker – or an eater.
    Thanks, Pam
    Lien, I use olive oil in everything… but duck fat would have been good….
    Monique, one more I even put peanut butter on top of the butter….
    Elizabeth, really… I need to tell you? A third with each!!!! Then you can do a taste test. – I recommend a red to help wash them all down.

  6. Thanks for setting me straight, Katie. We’ll go to the wine store today to get a suitable Spanish red. (Although, I’m guessing that an Argentinian wine might be okay too?)
    And as for dividing the dough into three, it’s MUCH easier to divide it into an even number: 4. That way, I can try Gretchen’s idea of using the candied squash.

  7. I love the shiny finish on your rolls. Just beautiful. I forgot to brush mine before I baked them off. Oh well. Still tasty. 🙂