Fish Pie with Salmon & Smoked Salmon; The 5 second mental delay; Weekly Menu — 9 Comments

  1. Oh my but that pie looks fantastic!! Really fantastic. If we weren’t about to have biryani, I’d be very jealous.
    Why not get votre marie to cut your hair? That is what I do (my husband, not votre marie) – the first time was a little frightening but now what he does looks as good as what the experts do AND it costs markedly less – $0 as opposed to $50. Of course, my hair is long and all one length so he doesn’t have much chance for really messing up. The only thing my husband refuses to do is wash my hair.
    Hmmm, maybe I’ll go to the hair dresser next time and put up with the “Would you like to dye your hair” and “How about a little layering” and “Are you sure you wouldn’t like to have a perm/straightening?” and “Won’t you reconsider and let me spray/backcomb/curl/straighten/henna?” Unlike you, I don’t hesitate and am already saying “no” even before each question is finished.

  2. We have discovered lately how much we love fish curry – so I am sure we would love fish pie. Sounds very tasty indeed!

  3. Oh, your fish pie looks and sounds incredible! It has all the right ingredients for a perfect meal! Bet your hair is beautiful!

  4. Val, I’m not sure about the hair yet – I had a ‘creative stylist’ But it will grow.
    Elizabeth, I quit cutting my hair when we moved to Ireland – no outlets in the bathroom to dry/curl/etc. It got very long and I asked the hubs to cut it – simple, straight line across the bottom. He was in such a panic…..
    Natashya, I wish he actually liked fish – I’m lucky he’ll eat salmon, although he loves smoked salmon.
    Joey, I’ve been in the same position with Spanish when we lived in Andorra….
    Pam, let’s just say that the Fish Pie was delicious!

  5. Ha. The first time I asked my husband to cut my hair, I was the one who was panicking. He was entirely calm as he ca-chunk ca-chunk ca-chunked his way through my hair. (I’m not kidding. Three cuts was all he took and he said he was done!) I tried to keep my voice level as I said that usually, the hair dressers cut the hair in much smaller sections and maybe he might just check that it really was cut straight across.
    Oh my.
    Mercifully, I have curly hair so any unevenness isn’t immediately detected.

  6. Elizabeth, one must be so careful not to question what they do when we ask them to do it…..