Flageolet and Celery Salad; the update — 11 Comments

  1. Congratulations Katie! Everything is looking beautiful and I can so appreciate what it is like to finally have a little room to spread out and relax. I still have boxes of books to unpack, mainly cookbooks and am waiting for my shelves in the kitchen. You both have persevered and done a good job.

  2. Thanks for the lovely tour. You must be so happy to actually have living space…as opposed to “living around things” space.
    The salad does look tasty.

  3. That’s so exciting to see all the progress on your house. I love the blue you painted your living room. It all looks so comfy, cozy, and restful. You must be sooo happy!

  4. Katie, your house is looking so fabulous! I bet it feels just *awesome* to have things in place, room to get around, and a finished (warm!) floor.
    I come for the food, but love the life updates. You hooked me with the story of the Great Leaf Fall/pumpkin gratin. 🙂

  5. progress… Missed catching up on your blog for the last week, been a little busy.
    the house is looking terrific, must feel great.. and maybe to get a closet! wonderful!

  6. Closet! Radical idea. The closet in our tent was oddly shaped like a suitcase 😉
    Love the books! and all the house comings along.
    Crazy but I have beans on now for a salad tonight!

  7. Poonam, thanks – on both counts.
    Penny, it’s like Christmas – to be able to unpack stuff. We still have lots in boxes, though…. Waiting on the bedrooms (we’re sleeping in what will be the dining room)
    Ruth, and warm living space – yes, happy!
    Joey, we’re getting there….
    Lynn, we’re thrilled, mon mari has taken to spending late afternoon’s in there reading….
    Zoomie, thanks ;-))
    Laurie, ah, the Great Leaf Fall – I remember that morning well!
    Ninja, this is the last time for us (we keep saying)
    Year on the Grill, a closet, yes…. Maybe we can shed the rumpled look we’ve had this past year with all our clothes in boxes.
    Tanna, I bought new plastic boxes for our clothes last summer – turned out to be a great investment. Keeps the mice and other critters out.