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My Most Treasured Cookbook — 6 Comments

  1. It actually looks familiar, as if I either had it or one like it when I was a child. I burned my hand badly baking cookies at age 8 – guess I’ve always enjoyed cooking.

  2. Oh, those are just precious! I’d never let them go if I had them – lucky you!

  3. Elizabeth, and it was good fudge.
    Ciaochowlinda, it was such fun reading it all again.
    Zoomie, I was a bit older when I burned a cake baking cookies. My mother always kept her baked goods in the oven (small kitchen) and I forgot to check before preheating.
    Year on the Grill – all my books move with me – much to the unhappiness of mon mari.
    Denise, I won’t… Too many memories.