Pasta with Med. Meat Sauce; Sandwich from hell — 13 Comments

  1. Katie – That pasta dish is to die for – you’ve got me trying out another one of your great recipes again. I’m having to do a stool collection (sorry – I know this sounds gross on a foodie page – but it’s the truth) – so I can’t eat beef (and a few other foods I love – like raw mushrooms, etc.). I cannot wait for the 5 days to be over (and hopefully no colon cancer) – to make up your delicious sauce. BTW, sandwich sounds interesting (really maraschino cherries? LOL).

  2. Katie, this pasta dish is out after my own heart. Were I not waiting for a roast, I would make something like this 2nite.

  3. Your story reminds me of the cookies I sent a boyfriend when I was in college. He loved jalapenos on just about everything so ever being the smartass, I made chocolate chip cookies with a jalapeno on top of each.
    He called as soon as they arrived and SWORE they were the best cookies he ever ate. Totally sucked the wind out of my sails!

  4. I might never have gotten the sandwich out of my brain if it weren’t for the very delicious pasta. Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

  5. Hey Katie, that sandwich sounds…err…delightful!
    Great blog, as ever,
    Rosie of BooksAndBakes

  6. Zoomie, after knowing him for many years now – he probably liked it….
    Peter, I always love anything with capers and olives…. and sherry and feta….
    Anna, I hope your tests are all fine – and that the 5 days goes quickly. Yep, there were cherries. Whatever I could find.
    QandleQueen, exactly what I mean! Did you ever make them again?
    Ruth, It stayed in mine for a lot of years ;-))
    Hey Rosie, I’ll make one for you….. and thanks…

  7. If your B-I-L is still eating this way, he is swilling Pepto Bismol on the QT. ;D
    Delish dish. The smoked paprika sounds like a marvelous addition, and capers always make me happy with their unique flavor.
    Thanks for your PPN recipe, Katie!

  8. Susan, I think he has no taste buds….
    Elizabeth, the cumin! Of course! (Slaps head in aggravation)

  9. Incredible, isn’t it, how some ppl can be so serious! I certainly couldn’t have eaten my way through that combination. I enjoyed reading this post, Katie, as always, haven’t been here in a while.

  10. this is a hysterical story.
    I don’t particularly want that sandwich. But I will definitely take a bowl of this pasta!

  11. Sra, Thanks Sra…. It’s amazing how busy we all get, isn’t it?
    Joanne, the pasta was good…. The sandwich… I don’t think so.