Perfect Magret de Canard; the update — 7 Comments

  1. Yes, the duck– ermm, I mean, the dust. We just had ceilings retextured.
    The workers put up plastic sheeting everywhere. To keep down the dust. Without thinking about the furnace-AC-heating thingy being inside the sheeting. So everytime it came on, it spewed gypsum and chalk throughout the house.
    It took three weeks to clean everything up again.
    So, we now take to white dust on the floor like, well, ducks to water.

  2. You can Photoshop the dust by “lassoing” a piece of floor that is dust free and copying it into the dusty space. Takes some practice not to overdo it, but it can be done. The room looks wonderful and when you can open the windows, it will be heaven.

  3. According to Chinese superstitions fro Chinese new year you have to dust the debris into the corners and do not sweep it out of the house for 15 days. Dust is allowable after the 14th of February:D

  4. I’m so jealous! Here in Australia we can’t really get foie gras or magrets as it’s illegal here. There is some pasteurised, semi-cooked lobes, but I long for the real thing. Lucky you!

  5. Oh that fois gras sounds so nice slow cooked. I’m like you, very messy bird to cook, but worth it (here in Quebec we are well known for our duck from the Brome Lake in the Eastern Townships – ).
    The floors are so nice. Even better, is how the pale blue (almost robin eggshell?) colour on the walls sets off the warmth of the wood.
    If you keep on posting these pics of your little chateau – you may have to open it up as a B&B – you know who’ll be knocking on your doorstep for a few nights kip!

  6. Beautiful!!! (The floor, the room, the magret) – even the dust is lovely; I like the arc formed where the floor is dusted.
    Did you remove the fireplace and replace it with a window, or is the photo taken from a different angle?

  7. BorderPundit, that dust is so fine it gets through and into everything – and takes forever to get rid of. Did I say ‘Been there, done that’?
    Zoomie, but that would be deceptive (she says, aghast) and people would think I was a good housekeeper!
    Val, I like your idea better….
    Neil, you’ll just have to visit France – come in the fall, that’s when it’s most readily available (in other words, everywhere!)
    FatCatAnna, B & B – great idea. We could start now as a build your own bedroom place.
    Elizabeth, just a different angle. The fireplace is in an interior wall – although I think at one time it may have been an exterior wall. – and Thank!