Retro-food: Hamburger Steak with Fried Onions — 6 Comments

  1. I want to be able to go to your cheese shop! (Never tried mimolette, but it looks wonderful)
    I am not a big fan of Hallmark. I’ll never forgive them for what they have done to turn normally lovely and caring mothers into monsters on Mother’s Day. And let’s not even get onto the subject of what Hallmark has done to Christmas and Easter!
    I don’t have horror stories to tell about Valentine’s Day though. But I am very grateful to be married to a guy who does NOT go out and waste money on overpriced roses for Valentine’s Day but chooses to make my favourite dinner instead (chili chicken, mountains of stir-fried broccoli and rice). Now THAT’S the way to say Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. Elizabeth, the last time I was in a Hallmark store I actually saw a card to send for a suicide…. I thought that was beyond the pale…. I have instigated a one person boycott. You would love my cheese shop ;-)) And your guy cooked? Mine does for my B-day – but that’s in summer and he uses the barbecue.
    Year on the Grill – the advantages are all legal – insurance, etc. If you don’t need that…. I wouldn’t have bothered myself, but as I said, not being married didn’t work for us….
    Val, E Bulli will be missed – but not as much as a good hamburger would be….

  3. I hate to break it to you but my husband does the cooking almost every night. He finds it relaxing.
    The only things that I make are bread, muffins, chili, soups and stock, and the occasional pasta dishes. And birthday and Christmas cakes.
    I just know that your cheese shop has real cheese. We do have a very good cheese shop that is about a 30 minute bike ride away but every cheese there costs a small fortune. So we get Bflat factory cheese from a nearby shop. And cry when we think of the superiority of even the French supermarket cheeses.
    (I cannot speak. A card for a suicide?! Are they mad?)

  4. Elizabeth, mine used to do more, and always did the chopping, cutting etc. But, since his surgery he’s just gotten out of the habit. At least he still always grates or shreds the cheese for me ;-)) And he does do all the summer cooking.