Shrimp Cocktail; Too many books; Weekly Menu — 5 Comments

  1. Welcome back to your books! I shopped a boatload of books across country when I moved here, too. Silly, really, as mine are not collector’s items, unless the collector is me.

  2. You’ve got to get hold of some horseradish root to plant in your garden! Freshly grated horseradish is so much better than jarred. The Latin name is Armoracia rusticana and googling says that the French name is raifort (and possibly “moutarde des Allemands”). Might someone at the weekly market nearby recognize it by one of those names?
    I gather that horseradish is/was used in Alsacian cuisine. I know you’re relatively far from the Alsace but maybe there’s a specialty market in a larger center that would have Alsacian ingredients??
    I completely understand about the books, although I’m not quite as good as you at reading paperbacks without any sign that they’ve been read. Which is why I usually decline when someone offers to lend me a book. I can’t bear the responsibility of keeping it in better condition than I received it.
    And of course you can’t part with an out of date atlas!! It’s your friend! (Our atlas is hopelessly out of date too.)

  3. should I be surprised 😀 since even for a nice shirt you could have 5 of it but in different colors (read it from a old post of yours :P) call me devil as I enjoy hearing people “problem”!

  4. I’m so with you on the book thing. We recently had overseas visitors, one of whom picked up a brand new cookbook. It was all I could do to not snap, “put it DOWN, NOW!!!”

  5. Zoomie, you are the most important collector of your books! Mine are just for me.
    Elizabeth, I’ll look for it at the big new garden center in Bordeaux next month (our next visit). I love old atlas – I have several – such fun to look through and see how things have changed.
    Gattina, You’re right…. I do like to collect things.
    Neil, someone was going to look at a NEW cook book? Good self restraint. I couldn’t stand it if someone else looked through it before I had thoroughly enjoyed it.