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Sunchoke Chips; the update — 8 Comments

  1. Mmmm, never tasted them! They look like potatoes… but they taste as artichoke? A mix of them? I will look for them in the market to try :D.
    Your house will be sooooo beautiful… one day ;D.

  2. Hi Katie, this looks really good. Are sunchokes starchy?
    I’ve got to keep this on my list of to “try” stuff.. will go to the market and check this out. 🙂

  3. Nuria, they taste a little like an artichoke ….. One day ‘-))
    Year on the Grill – you could grill them…..
    Hazel, there are about 40 carbs in 8oz (250gr) so…. a little starchy.

  4. Well, yes, actually, I would like to come and look at the floor.
    I would have never written that five years ago. But home ownership changes things. And it suddenly becomes quite important to look at renovation work, as one ponders doing the same in one’s own home.
    I don’t know whether that is sad or good. So I’d better go eat something.

  5. I haven’t eaten sunchokes since I lived in New Mexico. Thanks for reminding me of them with this yummy sounding recipe!

  6. BorderPundit, come any time – and if you feel like wielding a hammer you may stay as long as you like….
    Toni, I wish I would have gone out and pulled the sunflower stocks from the field – I wonder if they are the same….

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