Velvet Corn Soup; Country v City Ham; Weekly Menu — 5 Comments

  1. It’s 2ºC here and this looks good for breakfast. With more ham and an egg on top? Melted cheese inside? Now that’s getting close to grits.
    When I was a kid in Bayern, the locals laughed at eating corn. “That’s cow food.” But later I saw corn on pizza in Germany. Yuk.

  2. I use that same method for separating eggs – if I try to do the shell method (which gets your fingers eggy anyway), I always slip and cut the yolk.
    When I lived in France at age 16, I introduced the headmistress to popcorn, something she had never seen before. She was quickly addicted and would invite us to watch her (the only one in the school) TV in the evening, sending us up to bed as soon as the popcorn was gone. 😀

  3. Hey Katie,
    I’m a big fan of soups, and sweetcorn is a staple in my freezer – though I’ve got a few (mostly made-up!) recipes for sweetcorn soup, this one is already scrawled into my recipe collection. It was the ‘velvet’ that did it!
    Rosie of BooksAndBakes

  4. Year on the Grill – I always knew what country ham was, but had a time finding the name for the ‘other’.
    BorderPundit – here in France it’s pig food – along with pumpkin and winter squashes. Same in Spain. But they eat on pizza here, too…. Not for me.
    Hi Rosie, do you grow your own sweet corn? I usually do but the rabbits got to it last year…. It’s a great name, isn’t it (not mine)