Baked Mashed Potatoes with Chevre; the phones, oh the phones.. — 12 Comments

  1. They look great! I love, love potatoes loaded with cheese. I was laughing out loud at your phone story and I mean that in a nice way!
    I feel your frustration with the phone system; I have it at times myself, it’s just that you have a great sense of humor and a great way with words!
    It’s a wonderful day when you can make coffee and do laundry at the same time. I’m glad all is well! I’m looking forward to more of your writing………

  2. Ooh, I’m totally making this for our meatless meal this week – with some green veggies, it will be heaven and rich enough for My Beloved not to feel deprived w/o meat! Yaay!
    Here, we call AAS a “phone tree.” I can’t _imagine_ doing one in French!

  3. I’m making my first trip to France later this year. Things like this scare me! Hopefully I wont’ be calling for customer service much. Do you ever get the option of pressing 8 to hear a duck quack?
    The potatoes look great. It’s a better photo than you give yourself credit for. This reminds me of a time a year or two ago when I was making mashed potatoes and realized I was out of all manner of dairy products to mash them with- except for goat cheese. They may have been heart-attack inducing, but they were good.

  4. Your potatoes look sinfully edible. And I admire your ability to get so much accomplished in French. Yea to being able to multi-task!

  5. Ciaochowlinda, thanks… you’re so kind ;-))
    Pam, go ahead and laugh…. It’s always funny after it’s over – and we have enough power now….
    Val, there’s something about mashed potatoes that just brings out the child, isn’t there?
    Zoomie, a phone tree? They were just starting to come into play before we left. At the time we just called them irritating….
    Thanks, Lannae
    Rachael, but goat cheese is good for you! I doubt you’ll have to make phone calls here…. If you’re on holiday you’ll likely be surrounded by English-speaking hotel and restaurant people – not to worry…
    Penny, even though I sound like a babbling idiot it’s nice to be able to get something done….
    Thanks, Jann…

  6. Have I told you lately, that I love dropping by your blog for a visit…I always laugh, and leave with a delicious recipe and a smile that lasts the day.
    Thanks for sharing all your “adventures”.

  7. The short name for the hated phone thing is IVR (Interactive Voice Response) … the fruits of my high-tech career. Also, many of those systems are set up so if you just keep yelling “Attendant” or “Operator” (or the French equivalent) you can get to a person. Or when nearly defeated, try pushing “0” — sometimes that works.
    The potatoes look wonderful — my sweetheart’s favorite thing in the world is potatoes, but I’ll have to swap out the cheese … the mere mention of goat cheese causes him to make a face. Luckily, he has many fine qualities to make up for his picky eating …

  8. Thanks, Ruth… glad my days make you smile ;-))
    Charlotte, I think I pushed 0 and was disconnected. I think someone on the other end was laughing. Use Brie or Camembert in place of the chevre.