Barley with Feta, Greek Olives and Browned Shallots; the cook top

The cooktop….

The saga continues.

I was nice. 

Much as I enjoy ranting and raving, most people seem to prefer not to be on the receiving end of said rants and raves.

So, I was nice.

I handed over all of the prior paperwork, apologized for my poor language skills, and said that I would like to exchange the cooktop.  It was broken again, and I thought 4 times was enough.

The nice man at the service desk looked at the papers, looked up the file on the computer and agreed with me.

Now, wasn't that easy?

Of course, they no longer make this cooktop.

I explained that I didn't really care what type it was at long as it fit the opening in the counter top.  He said of course it had to be the same size, after all, the opening was already there!

After extensive searching of their available models, it was determined that out of the almost 200 available, only one was the right

And it was Induction.

I was secretly pleased.  I had wanted an Induction cooktop to start with but I have cast aluminum cookware, which wouldn't work on it.

I left the store, thinking that I was not only going to get the cooktop I wanted, I was going to get new cookware, as well!  Yes, it was going to cost a bit, but in the end all would be good.

I was happy for almost 2 full days!

This morning a technician called and said that the problem was not with the cooktop but, either with my electricity or with my cookware.

Apparently someone higher up the food chain decided that a replacement wasn't going to happen.

The ball was firmly back in my court.

He was explaining all this to me in rapid French and asking if I understood.

I finally interjected (as he paused for breath) that I doubt I would understand if he was explaining in English.

I made my points as best I could.

He disagreed.

I couldn't argue.

He's going to call back…. I think….

In the meantime I'm going to look for an electrician that speaks English to call this guy and try to figure out what the problem is – and to argue for me if needed.

But, heck, if my life were easy what would I write about?


Barley with Feta, Greek Olives and Browned Shallots

Barley with Feta, Greek Olives and Browned Shallots

1/2 cup quick-cooking barley
1 cup (250ml) chicken broth
2 shallots
2oz (60gr) feta cheese
1/4 cup Greek, dry-cured black olives
1 tbs olive oil

Cook barley in stock until tender and stock is absorbed, about 15 minutes.
While it cooks: Slice shallots. Heat a medium skillet over medium heat.  Add shallots and sauté until they tender and starting to brown.  Reduce heat and let brown slowly until barley is done.  Cut feta into small cubes.  Pit and chop olives.  When barley is done, add to skillet, along with feta and olives.  Stir well to combine and serve.

In the meantime, I have a loaner cooktop, small, but it works….

12 thoughts on “Barley with Feta, Greek Olives and Browned Shallots; the cook top”

  1. Oh, major GRRRRR! How can it be your electricity when some burners work but the others don’t? Nonsense! Frustrating, aggravating nonsense! I think you need to send your Mari – they wouldn’t treat a man like that, especially one who can’t speak French! 🙂

  2. Katie … I just don’t know what to say other than do you want red or white with the Barley with Feta, Greek Olives and Browned Shallots?

  3. It’s so funny, I complain about a lot of things on the blog but if life were perfect – I wouldn’t be able to say anything about anything. So I empathize. And yet I’m still sorry to hear about all of your troubles. I hate having to deal with stuff like this. You just never really get the full story about what’s going on.
    In better news. Greek flavored anything is delicious. Love the feta and kalamata!

  4. Hi Katie! I feel your frustration! May the “stove top gods” send you something better! This recipe looks wonderful – being a Celiac – I will try it with Quinoa.
    Good luck! Ina

  5. A second thought – although I know this will go against the grain with you – why not just buy a new cooktop and trash the old one. Is it worth so much hassle?

  6. Peter, Greek is popular here – the whole Med thing ;-))
    Zoomie, I sent (by phone) a male friend that does speak French – no results yet….
    Tanna, both please – tough day!
    Joanne, if nothing else it forces me to, if not look on the bright side, at least look on the funny side.
    Ina, love quinoa – actually, I’ve done something very similar with quinoa.
    Zoomie, the only one that will fit the counter is a very expensive induction – which is what I was hoping they would give me in exchange – with me contributing more money, of course. We shall see…. Oh, mon mari says to buy 1 normal french size and a half which would fit….

  7. I’ve got to try this but Ina’s version. (Look forward to that post!)
    Katie how frustrating for you!

  8. Thanks Zoomie, we wait to see….
    Ruth, and they give me a little cook top to use….
    Ina, I’ve done something similar with quinoa – breakfast, eh? Hmmmm.
    Mimi, does sound good, doesn’t it.

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