Beef Braised in Chianti; Cooking with Wine — 8 Comments

  1. I did one experience cooking with wine and it came out so good, can;t possibly imagine why it is not habit… the gravy was to die for.. Thanks for the kick in the pants…
    you;ll be seeing this on my site soon!

  2. I really need to try this again. I’ve never so much liked wine in cooking. But the lesson on evaporation over time is instructive. Perhaps braising will help. Although, today was a glorious spring day and it will need a cold snap to want to cook this delish dish.

  3. We just got another cold snap this morning. The snow level dropped several thousand feet and we’re to expect below freezing temps tonight. The daffodils will not be happy with this turn of events.
    I think I’ll be buying some beef to braise tonight. And a good red wine …

  4. I am so very ready for spring to spring. I’ve noted down several wild asparagus patches (none close to me, sadly) and I have every intention of doing lots of it in about a month or so!

  5. Year on the Grill – wine rules! Even the bit that gets in the pot!
    BorderPundit – I’ve made a version of this with white wine for a less intense flavor. But I like red best. And long, slow cooking – on a cold day.
    Val, will spring never come?
    Christine, snow on the daffys is not a pretty sight.
    Tracy, my s-i-l always gathered wild asparagus. I’ve never seen it here. Good luck!

  6. Definitely agree with only using wine you would drink. That mystery liquid known as cooking wine has never entered my kitchen; I’d sooner use a really cheap mediocre wine.
    Two bottles of red in my fridge right now that need to be used up. I’m planning to put them to good use for sauerbraten and some sort of chicken dish. Oh, and I have a great recipe for a chocolate molten cake using red wine!

  7. Cymry, I’ve never had ‘cooking wine’ either. In Spain we could buy cheap red wine for under a dollar – why buy the fake stuff? (Not that I ever bought any that cheap, but you get the idea)

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