Braised Artichokes with Ham and Green Garlic; purple artichokes — 8 Comments

  1. Oh, good heavens, Katie, what a dish! I have been craving artichokes lately. I think I might have seen purple artichokes while down in the Lot. Perhaps it was at the market in Cahors? BTW, I made Boston Baked Beans a few weeks back – really pretty darned good. My mantra: Try everything edible once.

  2. One of the major reasons I love spring is the artichokes. Because they are flower buds, normally they come best in the spring. These are gorgeous – we only see the green ones.

  3. Loulou, I’m just learning about these little ones – so far, so good;-))
    Mimi, The little ones are just starting, as spring progresses we’ll get the bigger ones – these were really good. Now I’m hungry for beans….
    brassfrog, mon mari would be appalled (he’s a cereal guy with no deviations) but I love beans for breakfast – good start for the day ;-))
    Zoomie, artichokes and asparagus…. best time of the year
    Val, they really were pretty – too bad they look perfectly drab green after cooking