Braised Lamb with Red Peppers; I need a Fox! — 11 Comments

  1. You beat me to it… I was going to suggest rabbit stew… Actually, have you heard of rabbit scram… essentially ground up dead rabbit bits that you put around your garden and yard… It worked for us with moles last year (mole scram… but I know they make rabbit scram as well)

  2. Hi Katie! I planted catmint one year, just cause I thought it was pretty….it grew crazy….I had a million neighborhood cats in the yard. So then I had to use bird netting on all of my raised veggie beds to keep them from using it as a litter box. I finally decided to get rid of the catmint – hardy sucker! I still have some popping up! Year on the Grill sounds like a good idea….but smelly? Good luck! Ina

  3. We have a fox resident in our property and are very attached to it. It comes out in the afternoon, walks in front of our living room windows and goes hunting. I believe it’s a she, but I’m not totally sure. If I see “her” with a puppy, I’ll let you know.

  4. Maybe your younger dog will catch one or two for you to make stew (or dog stew?). Or, maybe you need an eagle or two? Might try coffee grounds (if you drink coffee) strewn around between the plants? I get used coffee grounds in quantity from our local coffee shops.

  5. I love rabbit stew. I am guess your dogs are not rabbit
    thanks for stopping by my blog…yes our time in Mexico is comin to an end (4 month early) and my feelings are very much like you stated on your comment a little sad to leave but happy to go home.

  6. The fox population chez nous has dwindled in the past few years due to a rabies infection. Now we have a very large fox stalking our chickens. Not a good thing. But I do hope for foxes to take your rabbit population down a notch or two. 🙂
    Nice recipe! I love lamb. Could make this out of rabbit …

  7. I love a good lamb stew. this looks so comforting.
    I kind of wish there were rabbits running around here…but that’s probably only because I’ve never encountered a rabbit face-to-face before. I’ll look into finding you some foxes 😛

  8. Wouldn’t a couple of tomcats take care of the rabbits?
    Otherwise, rabbit stew it is 🙂

  9. Well, if you grow catnip and attract cats, you will have a predator for the rabbits. The only catch is that the cats are only likely to catch the babies.
    I’m afraid I love lamb more than rabbit, so I’m giving the thumbs up on this lamb stew.

  10. Year on the Grill – so… I have to catch a rabbit, kill it grind it up and then sprinkle it around…. for the dogs to eat….. Let me think on this…..
    Ina, I’m hoping the cats won’t come in the fenced area – the rabbits do. The cats can go in the rabbit area ;-))
    Simona, please, send it over….
    Zoomie, we do see raptors flying over on occasion… maybe they’ll help. The dogs just don’t move fast enough – but Emma has fun trying…
    Shayne, I love rabbit stew, too…. The old dog has killed a few bunnies in her day – but she didn’t share.
    Christine, could do rabbit stew – but there’s that whole trapping, killing, skinning, butchering thing…. I’m still hoping for a fox.
    Joanne, I;ll send you some bunnies ;-))
    Meredith, we had a stray cat around for awhile, and I’ve heard there were feral cats living in our house before we moved in…. so far, no luck. And I don’t know of the dogs would like a pet cat.
    Val, rabbits make lovely braises, too – I buy them (I know, shame)
    Rachel, if they catch the babies, that will mean less breeding rabbits…. I can live with that. Lamb = good!