Cheese Flan with Spinach Salad; Menu of the Week, the Cooktop — 11 Comments

  1. Hi Katie! Oh what a drag about your cook top! I would soooo be digging in my heals …. insisting on a refund! I can’t live without my stove…we were away for a few days, the place did not have an oven, which I really missed, but at least I could use the stove top! I think you are right….time for a tantrum! (even if that doesn’t work…might get out some frustration!) Good luck! Ina

  2. Do you have a French friend to consult, to ask them what they would do? Maybe it’s a cultural thing? Maddening cultural thing, that is!

  3. I hate when you have big stoves and they just don’t work. This flan looks fantastic I can’t wait to try it out thanks for posting!

  4. That’s a flan??? It looks so rich and filling (and I hate those pathetic “light” flans)
    I would order and eat this any day of the week, looks terrific

  5. You have fresh spinach from your garden? I couldn’t be more envious.
    I CANNOT believe you are having to take the stove back AGAIN. Rather than using the tantrum method, can you devise the understated, disapproving, calmly menacing “I’m so incredibly disappointed in this” method to shame them into replacing the stupid thing before the warranty is up?

  6. I’d let them know that the story of your troubles is already online and that it is up to them to provide a satisfactory ending. I bookmarked the recipe: the next time I make ricotta I will try it.

  7. How frustrating! Hope it all gets sorted out soon.
    Great flan, so light and delicious looking.

  8. Ina, it is frutstrating – and it shouldn’t happen 4 times!
    Zoomie, one of the woman in my French converstion class is a ‘gendarme’ – she said to threaten to report them to a consumer mag.
    Patty, at least we can get out the barbecue now – weather’s warmed…. Thanks ;-))
    Year on the Grill – we don’t do ‘light’ – healthy, yes, light, no. I’ll use Greek yogurt instead of sour cream but never will a ‘light’ cheese cross these lips.
    Elizabeth, my garden, sadly, no, not yet. But the local markets have it!
    Simona, thanks for reminding me where that homemade ricotta recipe is ;-))
    Natashya, I’m afraid now there won’t be a replacement option… all most place have is induction. Is there new cookware in my future?

  9. God how were you able to stop from hitting them.
    That flan looks delicious I guess the ricotta slackens the mixture and stops it from being too firm. Nice one Katie.
    I’m back cooking with tomatoes today last of the season.

  10. Ruth, thanks for the award…. I’m going to start working on those 10 things right away..
    Gilli, I bought my first tomato of the season – hot house, yes, but at least local and I got to taste one first. Not wonderful, but good.