Garlic Meatballs with Angel Hair Pasta; Will I ever learn — 15 Comments

  1. Wow, I think that’s the first meatball recipe that ever looked good to me. Gonna try it soon! And I loved this story – so amusant! The kind of thing I’d do, if I lived in France. Send him a thank you note and invite him to dinner – maybe he can get you a refund on your cooktop!

  2. LOL, Katie that’s the kind of thing we all do. It’s just that in France, women are so darned chic, most of them. Although I’ve seem some real slobs at Leclerc in Cahors. May as well eat comfort food.

  3. Loved this story and I bet they thought you were the best! I think you’re probably very pretty and charming with or without the right clothing. Just wondering if you had a bad hair day too…. 😉
    At least you chatted them up! One of my best memories of Paris is the tour guide in the Louvre. He reeked of garlic and definitely needed help with his wardrobe.
    The pasta sounds great, loads of garlic, love it!

  4. I can’t help but giggle at your story. I used to live in a home where nobody could see us when we went out to the back porch and pool. I went skinny dipping many times….I’m just lucky nobody ever drove into my driveway and caught me!
    Your pasta dish looks delicious. I just never can get enough pasta!

  5. Has to be garlic heaven especially with that story to keep one entertained.

  6. I’m giggling all the way over here in Provence…and I’ll try those garlic meatballs, they look great.

  7. Katie….still chuckling …. reminds me of a story…I might post down the road, if I have the guts! Those meatballs look fabulous! Ina

  8. Zoomie, you don’t like meatballs? Mon mari loves them so I make all kinds. We’re not talking about the cooktop…
    Peter, one should have a few cold weather recipes tucked away for spring….
    Mimi, even the farmwives are ‘dressed’ when they’re butchering the chickens… a bit of mascara….
    Pam, I just always seem to get in over my head, as it were. Bad hair day is an understatememnt.
    Honeyb, it’s so easy to forget that people CAN show up, usually at the worst moments.
    Tanna, at least I live in a country of serious garlic eaters ;-))
    Go ahead, laugh, Meredith – it could happen to you – unless you are always properly turned out… unlike me….
    Ina, I look foraward to sharing the humor…

  9. As usual, your stories have me rolling on the floor. And just as expected…your dishes make me drool. THis one in particular will be made often. I might even start this weekend!
    Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

  10. I don’t know how to make meatballs that don’t have the specific gravity of lead. I like the flavor of them but rarely the texture. I’m going to try yours, however, they just seem so tasty!

  11. Okay, I know it’s wrong. But I can’t stop laughing. Now excuse me while I go get dressed. Just in case someone comes to the door.

  12. Sigh. This sounds exactly like the type of predicament I would find myself it. But at least the garlic meatballs were delicious. At. Least.

  13. Ruth, I actually roasted lots of extra garlic – just because. It was really good.
    Zoomie, it’s the egg – and go easy on the breadcrumbs.
    Elizabeth, go ahead, laugh, everybody else is…. even me, now.
    Joanne, I really should dress better – but to work in the garden !?!?!
    Tigerfish, garlic is always good ;-))