Ground Beef and Savoy Cabbage Lo Mein; Daily Life in Ireland — 18 Comments

  1. So, with your theory about what Mickey was doing every morning… When did Mrs. Mickey take care of her business that you never saw her… unless she had house privileges that he didn’t, which indeed would be a very tight ship…
    And after a business setback, a friend gave me a pillow with the “turn their ankles” saying embroidered. One of the few business souvenirs that makes me happy to this day.
    So happy i found your blog. Always a fun read

  2. I do remember the story, but I enjoyed it again anyway. And I didn’t remember the poem — that’s GREAT. Reminds me of my Italian ancestors’ attitudes…
    Love the looks of the lo mein; tagging for future use. Wish I could get Savoy cabbage around here; never can. Wonder what the most similar cabbage/green is? Escarole?
    Happy St. Pat’s Day!

  3. It sounds like to me she did run a tight ship! They sound like kind of an eccentric couple and that would intrigue me! So funny that he was in fact speaking English.
    I just can hardly believe we lived in Germany and were all around Europe and never made it to Ireland. I would so love to visit there.
    Since I am fairly new here I loved this story and am so glad you posted it again! I really enjoy reading what you write. You definitely have a way with words!!! Plus, I like your recipes and this one sounds delicious! Thank you for the entertainment!

  4. I’m curious – have your travels been at the whim of an employer, or just your own interests/wanderlust? If it’s too nosy a question, please ignore it.

  5. This is my first time on your blog, and I enjoyed reading the post.
    Thanks for your delicious entry, see you at the round up!

  6. How wonderfully random, Katie! I had never heard of Cobh before reading this post, and then tonight on public television here, a travel show featured it in a show on Ireland. Seems for a while, when its citizens were smitten with Queen Victoria [Cobh was the first place in Ireland she visited], they renamed the town Queenstown. When Ireland gained its independence, they thought better of that idea and changed the name back.

  7. I love your story about Mickey. And I do think you were good neighbors under the circumstances. I also adore savoy cabbage. And you used ginger! What a beautiful marriage!

  8. I love Mickey’s story – and I envy your your year in Cobh. We have a tentative trip to Ireland and Cornwall planned, but may have to put it off a bit.
    Love your fusion dish. I don’t know if Mr FKIA would eat it, but I sure would.

  9. Year on the Grill, of course she had ‘house privileges’ – after all,she made the rules…. I’m happy you found it, too ;-))
    Lisa, that poem is just so very Irish…. I think maybe Bok Choy? Or Kale? Regular white would work – just a bit longer cooking time and slice thinner.
    Anh, it’s winter, we eat cabbage ;-))
    Val, we just have a hard time settling down… And it’s a big world
    Paqm, happy to oblige! One of the problems with Ireland (if you live there or in Europe) you have to go by air or sea to get there….
    Zoomie, our own wanderlust – and the search to make money to support us – put food on the table and all that ;-))
    Ina, I’ll check it out – welcome to blogging
    Thanks, Aqua, I’ll be over to read all the pastas…
    Terry, there are little spots all over Ireland commemorating her visit. Cobh is a fascinating village with tons of history, museums, and such
    Christine, we tried…. He looked to be such a sweet old guy! But the missus…. she wielded a wicked broom.
    Meredith, but he did have a pub next door…
    Mimi, I loved Ireland. I hardly recognized it when we went back 7 years later…. But, if it hadn’t been for the fact that it’s an island we might have moved back. Too expensive and too much planning to take little driving trips to other countries when you live in Ireland.

  10. Great post…and I’m one of those without any limping!
    Thanks for sharing a lovely story and a delicious dish with Presto Pasta Nights.

  11. I really like this pasta/st. paddy’s day fusion dish! I would much prefer cabbage in pasta than as a side dish. So cool that you have firsthand Ireland experience…I loved reading about your time there.

  12. This looks sooo good! It’s now on my meal plan for next week! Great entry for PPN!

  13. Thanks, Ruth, always a pleasure….
    Joanne, Ireland was wonderful – but it changed a lot with the ‘Celtic Tiger’
    Thanks, Jagruti – and Welcome!
    Cynthia, I hope you like it!