Leg of Lamb with Garlic and Rosemary; mon jardin — 18 Comments

  1. Mmm…the two times I have made lamb had two very different results. The 1st time we all LOVED it. The 2nd time…not so much. VERY lamb-y tasting, know what I mean?
    This year we are having turkey with all the fixins. I have put off having farmboy’s favorite birthday meal for weeks now, so Easter is his day. All things Thanksgiving are repeated this Easter. Good thing he is a huge help in the kitchen!

  2. Wow, impressive herb gardens, all three! I get by with a pot on the deck containing one plant each of oregano, thyme, sage and chives. Rosemary grows more or less wild here so I can always find a bush to snip.

  3. Darlin’, I just cooked a dinner with leg of lamb as the centerpiece…many of the same flavours you have. Tres bon!!!

  4. Keeping your recipe at hand! I bought my first ever leg of lamb but was too scared to use it right away so it’s still in the freezer. (I have had the same experience as Cindy)

  5. Lamb it is for us too. I don’t do whole hams or anything ham for Easter, even though I like it. Spring lamb is the only way for me. You and I prep our lambs the same way, Katie. I stick little sprigs of fresh rosemary in the slits beside the garlic.
    I love your herb garden to be. Nice and long, with a short enough width to reach to the back.
    Happy Easter!

  6. Your herb garden will be lovely. I think I will do a small ham because it will be just the two of us. I want to use the leftovers for a ham and endive gratin. I also want to do some maple baked beans cooked long and slow.

  7. Hi Katie – Your herb garden will be wonderful….it’s so nice to have fresh herbs ready to be picked! Thinking about roast beef on the weekend….not sure yet. Happy Easter! Ina

  8. I always do lamb for Easter – why fix something, if it ain’t broke? Your roast looks magnificent! And I have to ask: how ever did you bear leaving behind a herb garden that gorgeous??!

  9. Love your garden pictures! Hopefully that row will be the first of another geometric herb garden? Mine’s all in 1 4’x4′ raised bed, except two widely-separated mints (spearmint and chocolate mint) and an expanding bed of lemon balm, which I would care if it took over the yard because it tastes so good!
    This lamb reminds me very much of a classic Arista Fiorentina, except because it’s not pork, you’re not using cloves. This looks excellent!

  10. Thanks for reminding me of leg of lamb! It IS the perfect spring dish. And you’re right – sometimes the ingredients just need to shine.

  11. Cindy, you are ambitious – Turkey dinner in Spring…. I don’t think I could, lucky hubs! As to the lamb… maybe the strong one was a bit closer to mutton.
    Zoomie, I could get wild rosemary and thyme in Andorra… Here, everything is cultivated within in inch of life.
    Year on the grill – they’d be cuter spitted on the grill – want some?
    Peter, I love it – if my freezer was working I’d stock up for the rest of the year… Legs are heaped up at the market and on sale this week.
    Baking Soda, now’s the time….
    Anh, wish I could send you some ;-))
    Christine, you caught my planning exactly!
    Penny, that is one thing we can’t get here – ham. Lots of choices in the deli for slices, but no ‘real’ hams.
    Ina, and our beef is not particularly good for roasting – braising, yes, but not roasting
    Denise, exactly. If mon mari had his way it would be every week!
    Tracy, I haven’t decided where to put the mint – just not in the garden…. Maybe a pot. And I forgot to get lemon balm! Thanks for the reminder.
    Toni, you’re welcome…

  12. I’m envious of the rabbits and the herb garden…even if it’s not as fab as the one at your last house, it’s still better than mine – 3 little pots on the window sill.
    The lamb looks gorgeous and I’ll be getting some local at the farmers market tomorrow – just to make it. My daughter made a stuffed leg of lamb for our Passover Seder that was also tasty.

  13. Thanks for the inspiration! I have a leg of local lamb in the freezer just waiting the steal the show at the dinner table.