Parmesan Sunchoke Slices; Old dog teaches new tricks — 14 Comments

  1. Ooh Katie! Gotta love that dog! And learn from her! Typically as we get older the complaints increase! Not so for Sedi! I think she’s just glad to still be around! May we all have her spirit as we get older and our legs don’t work as well! Hey! Wait a minute! That would be ME!!!

  2. I am bookmarking this recipe, as my first foray into sunchoke land has been an unmitigated flop. They are called topinambour in Italy too. Thanks for the tasty suggestion.

  3. Yum, I have always wanted to try sunchokes. I haven’t seen them here.
    Give a hug to Sedi for me. What a drag it is getting old.
    I was wondering the same for my two little old men – to immunize or not. We’ll see. I have to do the rabies vacc. They come door to door to check.

  4. Should probably do my own post about your dogs and my dogs and dogs in general, but I’m well beyond too lazy to do that: I’d have to at least partially explain my RSS feed collection, which I don’t entirely understand myself.
    So here:

  5. I love Sedi’s attitude. Some people don’t have half her gumption. Would love some of your sunchokes, a favourite vegetable.

  6. Sorry about the dog.
    Re” sunchokes I posted last week about taro root and was looking for an adequate translation; I thought they might be topinambour, but then someone said no; would you know?
    Your recipe looks delicious and easy as well.

  7. I’ve still never cooked with sunchokes; don’t think I’ve even seen them in the store here. This looks so good, I need to make more effort to find them.

  8. Sedi has a great attitude! That certainly helps her through this! She sounds like a great dog. And I didn’t know that dogs need a passport, Duh! It makes sense though! Your sunchokes look sunny and delicious! I will have to work on that! Great post, loved reading about Sedi and Emma!

  9. I’ve never had sunchokes but you are definitely making me want to try them! These look amazing.
    The dogs are gorgeous by the way!

  10. A courageous dog! Yes, there’s a lot to learn from animals. My cat has a big tumor, but he is so joyful and full of energy…
    Those slices look delicious! A wonderful combo.

  11. Firstly, Your accounts of Sedi are both humorous and decidedly poignant, as I had a wonderful dog who went through much the same thing before not being able to get up. It was so sad to watch, but the life force so awesome at the same time. I think you’re doing the right thing not taking her for her passport jabs.
    This recipe? Totally inspiring!! Saving it now.

  12. Have you ever looked into a chiropractor for your Sedi? I take mine to the chiropractor 1-2 times per month and it does wonders. It just helps so much to make my Cody more comfortable with his plethora of musculoskeletal issues.

  13. Val, thanks – they’re my girls…
    Cindy, she just seems like such a happy girl, despite it all.
    Simona, I’ve only been eating them for 2 years – they’re so easy – but not well known, it seems.
    Natashya, I thought about the rabies…. But this is France – he might give it to me to inject….
    Amerloc, dogs are always fun…
    Neil, she’s a trooper…. and still thinks she’s a puppy.
    tasteofbeirut, sorry, I looked it up in my big dictionary and couldn’t find taro root. Topinambour is sunchokes – and delicious!
    Kalyn, I don’t remember if I used to see them in the US or not. Very popular here… and a nice treat in winter.
    Pam, their passports have their medical history as well as their chip numbers and their human’s phone number…. although I’ve never had theirs checked at border crossings. we always have them with us.
    Joanne, try sunchokes – I’ll pas on you complement to the girls.
    Rosa, the last weeks with a pet are so bittersweet – I hope your cat enjoys it up to the last second ;-((
    Christine, thanks, I just don’t want to be the cause of a break or something that she won’t recover from… and she won’t be staying at kennels again (I hope)
    Michelle, 7 years ago a vet told us that there was very little holding her hips together and that she should have surgery…. she’s managed this long, but it’s not anything a chiropractor could fix… She’s learned to compensate…. but thanks for the idea.