Tomato, Green Garlic and Ricotta Pastries; What makes me happy… — 15 Comments

  1. Congrats on the award! Pretty great list of 10 things you have there! Your dish looks excellent, very tasty!

  2. Omigosh, does that ever look good! Probably going to steal that idea for next week’s meatless meal chez nous. And thanks for the mention. I’ll get a kick out of thinking about my own list of things that make me happy, and rewarding some of my faves with a mention. BTW, your writing always makes me happy.

  3. Hi Katie, another yummy looking recipe!!! And bless your heart, thanks for mentioning me – I love your list of 10 things you love….many that I share with you! This will be fun to do – wouldn’t it be fun if we could all get together for a feast??? The food would be outstanding!! Ina

  4. Congrats, Katie. I love your smile list. We share some of the same smile moments. That tomato ricotta pastry is an winner. I’ve been using green garlic a lot these days as the season turns.

  5. Ruth has a tendency to force me into happiness as well! She kind of has that effect on people.
    Thanks so much for the award! You are really too sweet!
    Bookstores make me incredibly happy. I could get lost in them for hours…. And nothing is better than spending time with the people you love…which is what I think most of your happy things revolve around.
    This puff pastry delight looks delicious! Kind of like a pizza but even better!

  6. Pam, thanks – made me feel ever so much better…
    Zoomie, thanks for the kind words – I look forward to your list. We used to do meatless…. now that it’s a struggle for mon mari to keep weight on we / he doesn’t want to.
    Ian, yes that would be fun – it’ll have to be virtual..
    Christine, I adore green garlic, I get it for about 4 weeks and buy all I can find.
    Thanks, Vickster, on both counts ;-))
    Gattina, me too…. thanks!
    Joanne, I didn’t mention the other thing I like about Barnes and Noble – the Double Chocolate Chunk Brownie that I get to help me browse…
    You are so welcome, Val.
    Year on the Grill…. I can humble? Makes my day – and you deserve it… The award, not the humbling part ;-))
    Natashya, I’ve been excited for summer for weeks… thus the first hot house tomato of the year.

  7. Thanks for the award Katie! Reading your blog makes me happy and I think the two of us would be perfectly happy wondering around in a book store.

  8. Your list makes me smile too! Thanks for sharing and glad you got out of your funk – even if it’s temporary.

  9. This is strange! I was SURE I had already commented here.
    I’m overwhelmed to be included in the happy list, Katie. Thank you!
    Mmmm, puff pastry and ricotta cheese and tomato and green garlic….
    Aren’t scapes wonderful? I can’t wait for spring to actually spring into summer! (Our garlic is just coming up

  10. Elizabeth, and you are most welcome. These are different from scapes (I think – aren’t scapes curly?) Anyway, how wonderful to have your own garlic!