Turkey and Black Bean Enchiladas; the update — 9 Comments

  1. My Hub loves enchiladas & burritos. 🙂 I love your house is progressing. I wish I know how to renovate the house like you do. My in laws have no patience to teach me slowly (I’m not quick on my hands but a keen learner) so in the end they done up the house for us. I appreciate it very much but at the same time I would have preferred to learn all the DIY knowledge from them so that I can do it myself in future if we move to another house.

  2. There are commercial variations but home made Enchiladas are best. With a legume based type like your recipe, you get a nutritious meal for lunch. Yours is truly Mexican with the black beans and natural condiments of oregano, pepper and chili.

  3. Zoomie, I wish we could just go and get some…. just something different ….
    Elizabeth, I’ve been on a black bean kick lately – I’m trying not to eat them all so I have some left for summer salads…. Before I have to go back to Andorra for more.
    Cindy, wet burritos? I’ll have to look that up. I love anything Mexican, though…. I always stash green chiles in my suitcase when I’m in the US.
    Cooking Ninja, you’ll just have to buy a book and teach yourself… the guys at the DIY stores are usually really helpful, too. Or you can ask the in-laws again ;-))
    CHF, but to make it from scratch one needs the ingredients – chiles aren’t available here…. Nor is masa harina. We do what we can ;-))

  4. Romano beans (aka cranberry beans) work really well in enchiladas too. Can you get them so you don’t have to use up all your black beans before being able to replenish them?
    And I suspect that the white beans used for making cassoulet would also work – I think they might be called “lingot”? They’re not quite as pretty as black beans, but they do taste awfully good.

  5. I can get the lingot, and a pink and a red bean, as well as the green flageolet. But one always wants what’s not available n’est-ce pas?

  6. What an organic dish, besides on being delicious this dish can also be helpful to strengthen our body to fight different bacteria and etc. The turkey, spices oregano and the black beans are really suited to each other.