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Warm Fava Beans, Green Garlic and Bacon on Polenta; the update — 14 Comments

  1. Drooling over the trim he can do … awesome … and fava beans … one day I’m going to run across those fresh babies.

  2. I’m so jealous of the favas! We’re months away yet … although I do have some cold-weather greens beginning to sprout in the hoop houses. But they’re just sprouts yet. A few weeks from real greens even. I’m so so so tired of store vegetables! I’m nibbling my few chive sprigs in a pot and waiting waiting waiting …
    And the trim is beautiful. My sweetheart is a carpenter, who often re-purposes old cabins, so I’m familiar with the theory that trim can mask a multitude of old-house oddities. Lovely work …

  3. When you’re all finished and the house is perfect, will you please sell it to me, who is the least handy person on earth?

  4. Tanna, They’re so ugly in their pods, I pondered them for awhile before I finally bought them (a few years ago) – worth… I sit and peel whilst watching TV.
    Charlotte, I bet old cabins need even more trim then old stone houses ;-)) Spring will come….
    Year on the grill, yeah, he’s pretty useful!
    Zoomie, me too, luckily, I have him! Your’re on!
    Susan, thanks – on both counts, I’ll pass on the kind words.
    Peter, pork always does wonders for veg… and browned butter works, as well.

  5. There is definitely something really nice about the addition of wooden trim around a doorway…it seems very refined. Looking good…
    The first fava beans! I’m excited. This can only mean good things for the produce world. Love that you served them with bacon and polenta.

  6. Your house looks beautiful and I love the molding. Your dish looks excellent, especially because of the bacon added to the beans! Beautiful “springy” looking dish!

  7. Hi Katie! What a gorgeous place you have! The trim is beautiful – makes such a difference…we are still working on ours too! I have never tried fava beans before and this recipe looks so yummy! Ina

  8. I thoroughly agree with ton mari — the trim around the ceiling and doors and windows and sometimes just in the middle of the wall (chair rail) is part of what gives older houses such charm. It’s that whole “attention to detail” thing that is … lacking in newer dwellings. And the detailing he is adding to the door frames is delightful.
    Have never tried fava beans, but am eagerly awaiting local asparagus. The DH doesn’t like asparagus (!!!) but I do, so I’m going to get some this year and figure out how to cook it. (Yes, I am still discovering some parts of basic cooking. 😉

  9. Joanne, I love them but their season is so short. And dried just isn’t the same… Gotta have that bright green spring color. I’ll give mon mari your kind words ;-))
    Thanks, Pam, I’ll pass it on… Everything goes better with bacon.
    Ina, I’ve only been cooking favas for the last 2 years so, new to me, too. Thanks about the house.
    Laurie, if he doesn’t like asparagus there will just be more for you! Chair rail…. must tell him about chair rales….

  10. So funny how we so often and so easily get stuck in a rut and never think to even turn left or right! I make almost the same thing, except instead of polenta, I serve it with pasta, and I never, ever thought, hmm what would happen if I put this on polenta instead LOL Now I know – DELICIOUS! I will definitely try this and I agree – everything does indeed go better with bacon 😀
    Very nice trim, btw.