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Orzo with Green Garlic and Mascarpone; Green Garlic — 14 Comments

  1. Wow, that looks wonderful. I’m definitely going to keep my eyes open for it. Although Spring here is usually a few weeks behind everyone else.
    Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

  2. Katie – that looks divine! I have not seen green garlic in some time….I too love it….will keep my eyes peeled, hopefully one of our markets will have it! Ina

  3. Whoa that is insanely creamy. I think my Whole Foods calls these spring onions. Whatever. All I know is I want to eat them. With mascarpone. Now.

  4. Our season is just ending – the last bunch I bought had begun to separate into cloves. It was still lovely and the papery skins around the cloves had not yet developed, but it signals the end of the season is near.

  5. That’s just divine! I didn’t know about young garlic before they separate into cloves. This is a must try!

  6. This sounds delicious. I’ve been trying to find whole wheat orzo in Salt Lake for weeks.

  7. Oh, lucky ! I would love to get a hold of some ail vert right now! I would do as you are doing! eat it with everything and anything! Love that creamy orzo! My daughter would be in hog heaven if I fixed that!

  8. Ruth, I hope you find it, I know it’s a bit rare – for such a common bulb LOL
    Ina, it appears for about 4 weeks here – must pay attention or I miss it. There’s never an abundance.
    Susan, mascarpone does add a certain something (besides calories LOL)
    Joanne, spring onions are immature onions, these are immature garlic – a definite difference. Sniff them, you’ll know right away if it’s green garlic.
    Zoomie, the ones I bought yesterday are quite large – I think it’s the end here, too…. sigh… (I bought lots)
    Hazel, they’re wonderful if you can find them.
    Kalyn, I’d love to find it, too. The whole wheat pasta is becoming more plentiful here, so there’s hope.
    Tasteofbeirut, you’re daughter and I would get along nicely…

  9. Oooo!! I thought green garlic was scapes! But this is much different from scapes – much tenderer.
    Your orzo looks so fantastic! I’m dying here …mascarpone cheese, chicken stock, green garlic… (I hope this isn’t too much information but I’m dealing with an embarrassing amount of drool right now.)

  10. Elizabeth, I’ve never seen scapes – other than photos on food blogs…. Yeah, this is pretty decadent….
    Jennifer, it was (IMHO) ;-))