Pasta Primavera Carbonara; Spring Guilt — 10 Comments

  1. Now I’m exhausted! At least the delicious pasta looks easy enough to fix. Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

  2. Are you sure you are not living in the Jungle? Isn’t your name Mowgli and what you call your dogs are Baghera and Baloo?
    He, he, this keeps you so alive, darling :D, and that pasta dish with all those green beauties will give you the strengh.

  3. Ruth, me too! It was a tasty pasta ;-))
    Nuria, it makes me want to move to an apartment…. But then the work is done and I can enjoy and be happy about it… with a glass of rosado, of course…

  4. What lovely flavours! I really like the use of yogurt and egg in this. Got to give it a go to try a tasty creamy pasta without the fat that goes with it!

  5. Hmmm this spring business seems like more trouble than not. But at least the veggies make it all better. The pasta looks fabulous! I love a good green-filled dish.

  6. I don’t have to feel guilty yet. Our planting shouldn’t be done until all danger of frost is past: the May24 long weekend. There’s PLENTY of time until then (cough).
    What? No bacon in your carbonara? (It looks delicious.)

  7. Looks wonderful and delicious Katie. Gosh 2 days without Facebook or Twitter so much to read. I am exhausted on your behalf for all the work you have to do. Thank God for a courtyard and my friend who comes in and cleans them up for me all I need is a cleaning lady now!!!

  8. Daphne, I cook a lot with yogurt – much better then cream…
    Joanne, spring is definitely a lot of work… I’m still deciding if it’s worth it.
    Elizabeth, I shouldn’t be planting yet, but the weather gts warm and I just can’t help myself. And then it gets cold and I have to replant. Stupid woman!
    Gilli, 2 DAYS? Wow! I would give a lot to have my sweet little cleaning lady back from Andorra….. 25 a week for an immaculate house…. And she gardened!

  9. You don’t even know what stupid woman means, Katie. I couldn’t help myself from buying little pots of two kinds of thyme, tarragon and sage at the market last weekend. I still don’t even know for sure if last year’s thyme, tarragon and sage really didn’t survive our bizarre virtually snowless winter. (The grape hyacinth are only just starting to flower and the forsythia is still in full bloom with the leaves barely peeking out of the branches)

  10. Elizabeth, stupid woman is one who didn’t realize the horseradish was growing, thought it was a weed and pulled it out…. Promtly replanted it…. But the cute little pots are so…. cute. How can you resist?