Presto Pasta Nights: Week 161

It's a cool, rainy day here in the Lot et Garonne….

Perfect for spending a bit of time drooling over pasta.

And there is a lot to drool over this week.

So, grab a napkin and your virtual fork and let's have at it:

First in this week is Rachel, of The Crispy Cook.  She wasn't thrilled with her first exposure to cephalopods, but, when she saw squid in her local store she decided it was time to learn to cook with it.  This Pasta with Calamari was the result.

Heather, of girlichef, has managed to combine two of my favorite foods with pasta.  How can one go wrong with eggs, Balsamic onions and pasta?  Okay, so it's really 2 separate dishes…. Here's one: Pasta with Fried Eggs 

And  here's the
other:  Pasta
with Balsamic Onions

Pasta w Balsamic Onions 2

Apu, of Annarasa, shares my love of whole-grain pasta. And zucchini, beans, corn…. Her Spicy Five Grain Spaghetti will definitely be on my summer table; jalapenos on the side for me, though ;-)) Yes, I can see a pitcher of lemonade with this.


Spicy 5 Grain Spaghetti
Sandra, of gesund geniessen  is also into spicy with her Penang Curry Pasta with Fish.  It's been yonks since I've played badminton – but with this waiting for me after the game, I'm all for it!  Doesn't it look delicious?


Kevin, of Closet Cooking, is celebrating spring with a dish I want right now: Asparagus and Ramp Pesto Pasta.  Doesn't that just scream: Spring?  Aren't the colors gorgeous?  And Happy 3rd Blogiversary, Kevin -  well done!

Asparagus and Ramp Pesto Pasta 1 500
Another Canadian celebrating spring, Janet, of the taste space, gives us Chilled Soba with Baby Bok Choy, Snow Peas, Spinach and Tofu featuring spring onions, fresh spinach and snow peas.  I've got to get to that Asian supermarket….

Graziana, of Erbe in cucina, is using one of my favorite herbs: tarragon. (Which a rabbit dug up last night – grrrr) Her Mushrooms Pasta with Tarragon combines wonderful flavors that I hadn't thought of pairing…. (Note to self: expand horizons)


Mary, of Giving up on Perfect, was worried that her dish was too easy….. I didn't know those words could be used together ('too' and 'easy').  I explained that what counts is delicious.  Her Taco Pasta Casserole – even if it started with burnt noodles.

Pam, of Sidewalk Shoes, is always in search of the next best thing; like a lot of us, wondering will a dash of this or a smidgen of that improve it? (You can send me your Blackberry when you get that iPhone, BTW.) She may have found the ultimate with Classic Italian Meat Sauce.

Howard, a Thyme for Cooking reader from Chicago, IL, sent me this wonderful Pasta Puttanesca (sort of)  His kids love it and I'm in favor of anything that uses anchovies, capers and olives. (Ever had anchovy stuffed olives?)  No photo, though, so you can admire my hoopoe again:

Ching, of Little Corner of Mine, has made a wonderful Stir Fried Rice Flour and Wheat Starch Noodle.  This was made with fresh noodles that she gets at her Asian market.  It looks fantastic – I'm jealous, both of the dish and the market!

Rice noodle
Daphne, of More Than Words, accidentally made Spicy Lamb Tong Fun.  She thought she'd grabbed a package of minced pork from her freezer.  It was minced lamb.  Bet she makes that mistake again! I love the addition of the eggs at the end….


Cynthia, of kitchen slave, was getting to know pepperoni with her Rotini with Mushrooms and Tomatoes in Arrabiata Sauce   She served this gorgeous pasta with a Stuffed Chicken Breast.  Yum – perfect for dinner!


Haalo, of Cook Almost Anything, is using Gnocchi alla Romana in her dish of Semolina
Gnocchi with Cavolo Nero
  She makes it look so simple!  I have to try this – as soon as I have some fresh greens from my garden.

From the other side of the world (from me), Deb, of Kahakai Kitchen is making Kalua Pork in a slow cooker rather than a pit covered in ti leaves.  The resulting dish, Kalua Pork & Cabbage Pasta with Lomi Tomato-Pineapple Salsa puts a delicious spin on local foods.

Joanne, of Eats Well With Others, managed to make this beautiful Pomegranate and Blue Cheese Israeli Couscous Salad despite having to deal with, um, flirtatious (?) cabbies.  She served it on Spiced Red Lentil Pancakes. I love pretty food….

Ruth, of Once Upon A Feast, and founder of Presto Pasta Nights, made a dish that goes straight to my 'make it now' folder: Gemelli with Chickpea & Garlic Sauce  She's in the process of sorting magazines and ripping recipes…. I know what she's in for, even if she hasn't realized it yet 😉

Chickpea sd tomatoes & olive pasta
Jeanne, of Cook Sister, is celebrating 9 years with this gorgeous Sun-dried tomato and aubergine pasta. And, oh my yes, a lot can happen in 9 years.  Just remember, we'll always have pasta – and, someday, we won't care about the jeans.

Cooksisiter pasta 

Kirsten, of Kirsten's Kitchen to Yours, is using a green vegetable I'm not familiar with in Penne with Escarole and Pancetta.  I've heard of escarole, sure, but have never seen it or eaten it.  Now I really want too!  Suppose I should find out who Mark Bittman is, too….. (Yes, I'm out of it)


Penne with Escarole and Pancetta

Elizabeth, of Blog from OUR Kitchen, shares my love of chicken livers and shows them off in Spaghettini with broccoli and chicken livers.  And check back a post to get the Crispy Chicken Lives, too. Mind the chili flakes. Now, excuse me while I run to the store….

Debbi, of Debbi Does Dinner, made a wonderful sauce from butter and onions for her Cheese Ravioli
with Onion Butter Sauce
. Debbi says the sauce is absolutely fantastic (butter and onions? Bien sur!); Debbi also says plan on going to the gym for a long time – but it's worth it.

Onion Ravioli

Helly, of Fuss Free Flavors, made one of my favorite types of food:  frittatas!  Her Greens, Goat’s Cheese and Pasta Frittata is a keeper.  If only I could find purple sprouting broccoli – I keep hearing how wonderful it is.  Maybe I'll plant some next year.

Cool Lassi(e), of Pan Gravy Kadai Curry, made a very flavorful and pretty TriColor Rotini with Herbed Shallots, Mushroom N Green Squash.  With all those wonderful veggies it has to be healthy, too.

Toni, of New Veginnings, is (I think) a first time contributor.  And we're glad she's here.  Her Tortellini with Spinach Cream Sauce is going to be a favorite.  Greens and cream….. Yup!

Chaya, of My Sweet and Savory, is cooking from the pantry and fridge for her Caramelized Onions, Pine Nuts and Ricotta on Little Dreams.  I love the combination of fresh herbs and ricotta! (Not to mention the onions)

R cook baby cook

We have not only a new contributor, but a new blogger!  Jean, of Lemons and Anchovies, has only been blogging for about 6 weeks.  If all her dishes and photos are like the Spaghetti con Vongole (Clams), I see great things ahead.  Please, go visit, leave a comment, welcome her.


And this just in from Kait, of Pots and Plots.  How could anyone pass up Lasagna Rolls – especially when it comes in a single serving?  And who knew you could do lasagne in a crock pot?  My day is complete; I have learned something new. Looks good, doesn't it…..


She also did this lovely Confetti Salad…. One for winter; the other for summer – does that make it spring?


To wrap it up, here is my entry: Shrimp in Tomato and Green Garlic Sauce on Angel Hair Pasta.

If I have missed you, my apologies – let me know and I will fix it immediately. 

Thank you for visiting all the fantastic contributors. 

Next week's the hosting is back home with Ruth, of Once Upon a Feast.

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  1. Wow! Wow! and Wow! Thanks so much Katie, for such a great hosting job. I love your intros for each entry.
    As for all you fantastic bloggers who shared your awesome dishes – there are no words…because I’m scribbling down a shopping list of all the wonderful ingredients. It will definitely be a pasta filled weekend around here! Where to start though – always a dilemma after Presto Pasta Nights.

  2. Sheeze … so much better than the airport food I’m facing right now. Lovely round-up.

  3. Such a fabulous round up–so many different and delicious pasta dishes. I’m drooling! 😉 Thanks for hosting this week and doing such a great job.

  4. What a round up! If I cook pasta for breakfast, lunch and supper for the next week I think that I should get through them all and produce a new dish in time for next week?

  5. Excellent round up, Katie! (As usual) Once again, there are not enough days in the week to make all of the dishes here that I suddenly neeeeeeed to try.

  6. You have done it again! what an amazing round up!!! Slurpy delight with all these sorts of pasta and noodles! I’m off to check up on a few!

  7. What an amazing array of pasta! I’m so glad you dropped in on my blog and also glad to see you are still blogging away. I have gone through quite a dry period (for blogging and cooking, do they go together?) in 2010 but am doing NaBloPoMo in May and hope it helps me get back in gear.

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