Rhubarb Yogurt Parfait; blossoms everywhere — 12 Comments

  1. I’m bookmarking so I don’t forget this one! I have rhubarb growing and can’t wait to harvest some! I love your apple blossoms. They are gorgeous!

  2. The parfait looks picture perfect, as does the apple blossoms and wisteria. We had catalpa trees in front of our house in Michigan and I remember the catalpa worms; some kind of catepillar. I need to find out what latitude you are on as all of the blooming plants remind me of Michigan.

  3. HoneyB I have been unsuccessful in growing it – and I LOVE it! Bought more today.
    Gattina, it was pretty delicious LOL! (Thanks)
    Tigerfish, a flower bedecked picnic for one!
    Year on the Grill – I better be able to get more done – there’s an awful lot more to do!!!!
    Ina, my mother made a wondrful rhubarb custard pie…. I don’t do pies….
    Shayne, it was good…. I’m making more.
    Christine, between the rhubarb and the strawberris i’m ‘in the pink’ hahaha
    Penny, I think we’re a little further south than Michigan. We get winters more like No. Carolina…. I thnk….

  4. Rhubarb parfait… mmmmmm! That sounds almost as good as rhubarb pie.
    I wish I wish I had a sunny patch so we could grow rhubarb. Our next door neighbours do have a patch of it. I wonder if I can manipulate them into giving us some so we can have fresh rhubarb parfaits too – that is, if there’s any rhubarb left from making pie.
    What?? No pie at your house? Is it because you lost your mittens?

  5. This looks delicious Katie – spring is such a wonderful time of rebirth. I can’t wait to see the firts rhubarb in the market! This looks like the perfect recipe to welcome it back for another year.

  6. Elizabeth, I don’t do pie – mainly because I’ve never mastered pie crust, but now, also, with mon mari being Type 1 diabetic, no point in making something that he could only eat as a planned dessert…. I mean, one should be able to grab a slice of pie in the middle of the morning, right. It’s easier to not have it – easier to control the blood sugar, too.
    JDeQ, I love rhubarb – and this is my answer to the pie. Spring is such a wonderful time for foodies ;-))