Risotto with Lamb, Fava (Broad) Beans and Green Garlic; the update — 6 Comments

  1. Wonderful recipe! I love lamb and favas simply can’t be beat.
    Isn’t it funny about men and their toys? They are so easily pleased.

  2. Bed springs … I like that!
    Love the favas and risotto but then I’m pretty easy to please with risotto.

  3. Hard to get fresh fava beans here…my friend and I use to make “mushy peas” using fava beans – it was delicious.

  4. Christine, thankfully, he can rent these big toys… and not buy them! I love lamb and favas and all things spring!
    Val, everything looks sooo much better with a few flowers – smells nice, too.
    Tanna, yeah, really… what WERE they doing?!
    Ina, I had such hopes LOL
    Tigerfish, mushy favas…. I like the sounds of that…