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Asparagus Pastries with Tarragon Cream; Eating with your fingers; Weekly Menu Plan — 17 Comments

  1. Mmm…any way you cook asparagus is fine by me! I love the stuff and it grows beautifully here in Michigan. We get it at the farm market down the road for about $1 per#.
    My favorite way to eat is is roasted with olive oil and sea salt. YUM

  2. I’ll be happy to use my knife and fork on this asparagus; I sure wouldn’t want to miss the pastry or the cream!

  3. Hi Katie, wow…so understand…and this looks delicious! I grew up in a Danish household…we learned at a young age to use a knife and fork with open faced sandwiches…a post down the road…so, I sooo know what you are talking about! One of these days I may yet get to meet my heritage…but love to read your stories, Ina

  4. Oh, boy, does that pastry look good! Now that asparagus season is in full swing, I’ll be trying that! I grilled some asparagus last night to take to a picnic today – I love asparagus any way they come, even eaten with the fingers.

  5. This is so elegant. I love the tarragon cream with the asparagus and puff pastry. Thanks for a beautiful recipe.

  6. I agree with everythinbg you said about what Americans eat with their fingers. Of course bacon and corn on the cob are legit finger foods, it takes to long to cut it up and fork it…

  7. What a gorgeous way to use asparagus! May have to ‘steal’ this idea for Sunday. Very elegant!

  8. Lovely tart, I’ll eat it ever which way. Yes, asparagus should be eaten with fingers (and fork! to support the length).
    Eating an orange using fork and knife? I need to learn that. Next to toilet paper origami one of life’s essentails skills.

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  10. I do love food rules! I had no idea that it is de rigeur to eat asparagus with one’s fingers (it probably tastes better that way). I might be even tempted to eat this fabulous looking pastry with my fingers… ooooo I can’t wait til local asparagus starts to turn up in a few weeks!
    We used to have a copy of Emily Post on the sideboard in the dining room, just so we could check to see what we were doing wrong. Once when we were eating corn on the cob, we were most amused to see that Mrs. Post conceded that it was alright to pick up corn-on-the-cob with one’s hands – as long as it was being served at an outdoor picnic. She then went on to describe how to go about eating corn directly off the cob. As I recall, she advocated buttering two rows on just one half of the cob, then picking it up and eating those two rows. We all tried to butter only two rows at a time and almost made ourselves sick with laughing so hard.

  11. My gosh, but this looks delicious. I’ll have to give it a try. I love tarragon. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings…Mary

  12. Personally, I usually just eat asparagus out of the pan. With my fingers, of course. However. I am not the picture of perfect etiquette either. But it’s just SO GOOD!
    Love the sound of this tart!

  13. Corn on the cob is one of the few things I truly miss about the States when I’m in France… but you’re not supposed to miss American food when you live here 🙂
    Those tarts look divine.

  14. Cindy, I love roasting it too, and soup, salads, omelets.
    Tanna, I normally like my fork, too.
    Christine, and I love how easy these little pastries are to make!
    Ina, I find it so interesting to learn how and what other cultures eat.
    Zoomie, and, of course, at a picnic one would eat with fingers.
    Missy, you are so welcome.
    Thanks, Sara
    Brad, and crisp bacon can be dangerous!
    Elle, hope you steal and enjoy!
    Baking Soda, hmmmm, I can see toilet paper origami…..
    Lannae, I hope it’s a great success!
    Elzabeth, so our practice of rolling the entire ear of hot corn across the block of better would not be acceptable? Darn!
    Thanks, Mary, we love tarragon, too. And mine is finally growing.
    Joanne, well, as long as you use your fingers…. and don’t burn yourself (done that)
    Emiglia, I miss it too – so I started growing my own. Last year the rabbits ate it.

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