Baked Spinach with Goat Cheese; Eat Real! — 11 Comments

  1. Katie I am so with you on Fat Free Have you read the Good Fat Cookbook by Fran McCullough. I read this about 6 years ago I think you can get it on Amazon. After that no fat free anything just keep your portions down and you will be healthy. The spinach dish looks good

  2. Yep, I’m with you on it, too! I’d seen Greek yogurt but never really used it until I started using your service. Then I found out my littlest loves Greek yogurt topped with honey. So we were going through a lot of it here, until I found I could make fil mjolk very easily and she loves it, too!

  3. There is no margarine or Splenda in my stores at home. So I would have to agree with your philosphy Katie. This spinach dish was a surprise and looks so tasty:D

  4. Hi Katie – me too!! Nothing fake in my kitchen, let me tell you! Do you ever make yogurt cheese? I have used it many times in cooking, it can actually be a bit thicker than greek yogurt, but with less calories. I use it in place of sour cream, cottage cheese, and cream cheese. It is wonderful in pasta dishes,cream cheese dishes and curries too! Oh, and great in desserts. Ina

  5. That spinach dish is calling me ! Plus I need to eat a lot of spinach! I agree with you and get annoyed or when people want to talk about dieting; I tell them: quit eating! eat less! That’s it! No miracle! No mystery!

  6. I’m a real food eater, too and my cholesterol now is lower than way back when I was eating all that diet stuff. I used to subscribe to magazines that asked for those fat free ingredients, many of which I can’t even find here…Yoghurt is such a good alternative to sour cream!

  7. Here here! A chef after my own heart. Great post Katie; keep them coming. I don’t think enough can be said about fake food vs. real. Our fat pandemic today is a direct result of people falling prey to what they think is low-fat food: low-fat means one can eat more of it, right?. Laden with salt, sugar and those unpronounceable “ingredients”, it just makes us sicker and sicker.
    Goat cheese is always in my fridge. Now I will use it to make your spinach recipe. 🙂

  8. Hear! Hear! I can’t stand fake sugar, low fat, zero flavour quasi-food. I always wonder why people don’t use prunes, dates or bananas when they want to cut back on the amount of sugar in things. Or honey – because of its sweetness, less honey is required to achieve the same sweetness as more sugar. (How’s that for a really confusing sentence??)
    We too always have creamy goat cheese on hand. And, yes – it works in cheese cake. We have made our favourite cheese cake using half cream cheese and half goat’s cheese with very good results: exactly the same flavour. We haven’t yet tried making it with only goat’s cheese but I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t work.
    This spinach sounds delicious.

  9. This sounds so good! and so much simpler to make than my Baked Pasta with spinach & goat cheese. I could eat this every night. Kale, kale would be good with this.
    I have been really surprised when comparing the fat free, low fat and regular versions of the same things. Sugar, it just way too much sugar!!

  10. Gilli, thanks for the book tip. I see so many people eat twice as much because it doesn’t have fat or sugar, without paying attention to what it does have.
    Tracy, all good foods! I think kids will eat healthily – when we let them, right?
    Val, margerine – bleh! I hate the taset…. strangely, my mother, a good farm girl, prefers it. And why eat fake butter?
    Ina, I have made it, but not for awhile. Our dairy is so different here. We don’t have sour cream, cottage cheese or cream cheese – but we have more choices that are similar – and lower in fat.
    tasteofbeirut – something about calories in v calories burned… Simple math but people just don’t understand it.
    Meredith, and when I look at them in the US I wouldn’t want to eat them. My calories have to be worth it. I want to enjoy my food – and I’ll eat less of it if need be.
    Christine, peopke just don’t seem to pay attention and think ‘light’ means all you can eat.
    Elizabeth, I prefer to have all the fat, sugar and calories the whatever is supposed to have – I’ll just eat a smaller portion and enjoy every bite ;-))
    Tanna, super simple, and with spinach fresh from my garden, wonderful!