Barley Pilaf with Spring Vegetables; The return of the bunnies — 8 Comments

  1. Yeah, pearl barley is really such good comfort.
    America, I’d say only in Chicago or LA. Sounds right out of West Side Story though.

  2. Wow, that story sounds like something you would see on TV…guess I live in a sheltered world with rose colored glasses LOL, glad I do too, Ina

  3. Very funny Katie. We have fenced our garden plot, but I have a feeling the bunnies will get in anyway. The pilaf looks delicious.

  4. Maybe you can plant a kind of lettuce that bunnies don’t care for. (Ha.)
    Asparagus… again! I can’t wait for asparagus season to start.

  5. The Corvette story is eerie and hilarious all at once. Wow. And I’ve been looking for a good reason to use the barley I bought not too long ago. I’m used to seeing it in soup, but I love the way you’ve used it here. Delicious!

  6. Zoomie, nice to know they had a sense of humor….
    Tanna, I think it was the North side….
    Ina, we don’t even lock our doors here….
    TasteofBeirut – thanks, I love barly – hope your neighbor enjoys the story….
    Penny, I have watched them go right through the fence without even a pause.
    Elizabeth, I planted catnip – that was supposed to keep them out. They ate it.
    Kellypea, barley is not just for soup ;-)) I started using it other ways when I found out mon mari is not a soup eater and I couldn’t get my barley fix that way….