Fried Gnocchi with Asparagus and Tomatoes; resurrecting math — 19 Comments

  1. First of all Happy Anniversary!!!!! Gnocchi and I are new found friends in the kitchen, this looks like a delicious Spring version:D

  2. Happy Anniversary Katie & her guy.
    Measuring … what a joy. My mother in-law had an old off size bed that she special ordered a mattress for. She wanted me to help her be sure it was right. My sis-in-law helped too. We all agreed. Mattress came … short by 8 inch …

  3. Happy Anniversary! Maybe a special tile in the middle of all the tiles to commemorate the day?

  4. Awww….Katie, bless your heart…reading this sounds like me, I can soo relate…except, you are probably better at math than I am…lord help me if I am ever in your shoes renovating…I often tell my DH, we could never renovate or build, cause I love him too much and would not want to clobber him till death do us part…just joking sort of,kind of it takes great patience to do renos, and live in the same house at the same time! You guys are doing it!! Ina

  5. Happy Anniversary Katie. You are too funny. Love the sound of that recipe. Gnocchi and I need to become better aquainted.

  6. Happy Anniversary and kudos on a lovely, seasonal pasta. I’ll have to try fried gnocchi sometime. Thanks for sending this over to Presto Pasta Nights this week. Look for the roundup tomorrow.

  7. Happy anniversary! As for the math, my head is spinning and my eyes are crossed. Glad it all worked out.
    The gnocchi sounds wonderful. Our local asparagus season just started, so I’m sure to try my hand at this dish.

  8. Happy Anniversary! I was doing a similar thing with last-minute math skills to determine the volume I needed for my latest square-foot garden when I was picking up coarse vermiculite for it.
    My dd was just asking for gnocchi today when we were at the grocery. I love the stuff and therefore can’t keep it in the house. 🙂 I have to figure out how to make it from something else…

  9. Happy anniversary and good luck with the bathroom!
    Love this dish. It’s the season for asparagus and while I love gnocchi any old way, pan-frying them really makes them special

  10. Happy anniversary!
    This sounds delicious. Gnocchi and asparagus… mmmmmmm. We saw the first bunches of local asparagus (expensive) appear at our vegetable store this week. Which means that by next week, the prices should be more reasonable.
    Can’t wait.
    (And have I thanked you properly for turning me on to green garlic? We had the most amazing green garlic omelette. I really MUST post about it.)

  11. My math skills are seriously rusty even after four years at a math and science college. I can’t imagine doing all of those calculations in my head. You deserved this delicious pasta dish after those mental calisthenics!

  12. Pam, thanks – any mine was hurting….
    Brad, regular gnocchi is good; fried is better.
    Zoomiem thanks – and thanks ;-))
    Val, first – thanks; gnocchi and I have a new relationship as well….
    Tanna – 8″? Good thing you all agreed…. and thanks!
    Broder Pundit, Thanks… and there may be many ‘special’ tiles…..
    Ina, great patience and no sharp or heavy objects….
    Penny, thanks… and try it, you’ll like it 😉
    Thanks, Rachel, I’ll be over in a sec….
    Ruth, thanks… and, sadly, ours is coming to a close.
    Tracy, thanks! I hate these last minute panic calculations… I don’t think it would work with ricottoa gnochhi – good luck on finding a substitute.
    Cindy, don’t you love how we wait all year…. than get it all at once! Actually, we do love it….
    Thanks, Meredith!
    Rachel, thanks. One cannot have too much asparagus (although we were close last week)
    Elizabeth – thank you and you’re welcome. Here, too, the buying is carefully timed. Our artichokes went from 5 for 1 to 2 for 3 and now back to 5 for 1
    Joanne, desperation is a great incentive.

  13. Haven’t loved the gnocchi I’ve tried, but maybe homemade would be better, or another brand? Is it supposed to be sort of heavy? The recipe sounds good though.