Niçoise Asparagus Salad; closets; the point of no return — 11 Comments

  1. It seems that we are all in the Spring mood and are giving a blogs a lift. With this comes thoughts of Spring and dishes with asparagus, rhubarb and fiddleheads.

  2. Sorry about the computer fiasco! Sometimes it’s a pain! All your remodeling is amazing and I can’t wait to see the results; in the meantime, I will be trying this salad. Very tasty sounding!

  3. oh married life… lovely salad! Now I’m off to take a look at the website!

  4. OOoo, I love both the recipe and the site redesign! This seems closer to your original site design in overall feel.

  5. Hi Katie…oooohhh I feel your computer pain….so glad my husband looks after snafu’s like that….I would be pulling my hair out! Yikes, Ina

  6. The salad: pure heaven. Gadfry you can get glorious fresh there.
    The web-site issue: I’m in awe that you can do that stuff!

  7. Rrrr. Who are the idiots who are prolonging these browser wars?? (I just had to dredge IE out of my hidden applications folder in order to open a charitable website – to be able to fill in the donation form that doesn’t work in Firefox. And I really loathe IE. So much that I think it should be placed in the little space between the walls of your new closet. I applaud you for making sure your site is cross-browser friendly.)
    Mmmmm. Asparagus…. (no local asparagus here yet) And I now know why you keep raving about the green garlic! I stole some out of our garden to taste it. It’s fabulous! Hot, though.

  8. I took a class on programming in java while I was in college and it would be so frustrating when your program wouldn’t work just because of one stupid semi-colon that you forgot or something like that. I’m sorry you had to go through similar pain!
    At least that salad looks good…olives and capers..oh. My.

  9. Val, and I would much rather do a ‘spring spruce-up’ on the computer than clean my house.
    Pam, thanks about the salad…. Me and the computer go way back, a love/hate relationship of long-standing.
    Tracy, thanks, glad it’s finished (maybe)
    Zoomie, there you have it….
    Ilva, thanks – love spring salads….
    Ina, I do the computers – he does the TV
    Tanna, I actually enjoy doing it – when it works LOL
    Elizabeth, and then there’s Netscape and Safari….. Yes, the green garlic has been getting hotter as the season progresses. But I can deal with that heat…
    Joanne, in my case it was a letter that wasn’t capitalized in a tag….. same thing. Drove me bonkers!
    Betty C. thanks…. I just keep telling myself that when we’re done I’ll have a closet.