Shrimp in Green Sauce; the Weekly Menu

Yes, I'm still eating green garlic.  The last bunch I bought was quite large and a lovely purple so we may be getting to the end of the season…. sob….

The weather has turned cold and rainy though, so, rather than cooking on the barbecue, mon mari has taken it apart, ordered some new replacement parts, and is painting it.

He's rather fond of his barbecue grill….

Actually, I should say 'grills'.  He has the small charcoal grill that he uses for lamb chops and steaks; the Weber 'kettle' grill that he uses for chicken, burgers, pork tenderloin and veggies; the gas grill (that is being refurnished) that he uses for quick, weeknight cooking as well as fish and seafood and the smoker which he uses for, well, smoking.

For the record, I do not touch any of them.  Some things are sacred.

But, when it's cold and rainy, the cooking comes back inside.

This is done in the oven – super easy!

A typical 'green sauce' would be parsley,
green onions and garlic. If you can't get green garlic, use green onions and regular garlic. This is reminiscent of the Italian Scampi, but without the

Shrimp in Green Garlic Sauce

Shrimp in Green Sauce

12oz (350gr) shrimp (prawns), cleaned
2 tbs olive oil
1 tbs fresh lemon juice
4 tbs chopped, fresh parsley
3 green garlic, including green tops

Trim green garlic, slicing off the root and removing 1 layer. Thinly slice as much as you can, including the green tops.
Chop the parsley – I cut with a scissors.
Mix olive oil, lemon, chopped parsley and green garlic (or onion and garlic) in a medium bowl. Add shrimp and combine. Put into a small baking dish and bake, 400F (200C) 15 minutes, until shrimp are just cooked through.

for April 30 we have Goat Cheese and Roasted Pepper Pastries, Spinach Salad with Pork Tenderloin and Potatoes, Spicy Teriyaki Chicken, Asparagus with Lemon and Olive oil, Pasta with Chicken, Cherry Tomatoes and Peppers….  All
easy, all delicious and all for two!

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10 thoughts on “Shrimp in Green Sauce; the Weekly Menu”

  1. I cannot get enough of green garlic. Unfortunately the season is coming to an end. I love this recipe,Katie, and will be making it soon. Before the green garlic disappears!

  2. Serious sob for green garlic going out of season. That means we are no longer in early spring! How time flies.
    And men and their grills. What can you do?
    What a delicious looking dish! Love all the garlicky flavors in the sauce.

  3. Amy – yay for the green garlic!
    Zoomie, and it’s easy – we like easy this time of year.
    Christine, my supply is dwindling, too, sigh…
    Ina, oh, I wish you could find it…. And I wish winter would go away again.
    Pam, it is!
    Ask Ms, ditto!
    Susan, I have a thing for pretty food ;-))
    Joanne – as to men and their grills – let them grill!
    Brad, you are so welcome!

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