Shrimp in Green Sauce; the Weekly Menu — 10 Comments

  1. I cannot get enough of green garlic. Unfortunately the season is coming to an end. I love this recipe,Katie, and will be making it soon. Before the green garlic disappears!

  2. Ohhh yum, I love shrimp…still did not find any green garlic! This looks so tasty. It’s cold and wet here too! Ina

  3. Serious sob for green garlic going out of season. That means we are no longer in early spring! How time flies.
    And men and their grills. What can you do?
    What a delicious looking dish! Love all the garlicky flavors in the sauce.

  4. Amy – yay for the green garlic!
    Zoomie, and it’s easy – we like easy this time of year.
    Christine, my supply is dwindling, too, sigh…
    Ina, oh, I wish you could find it…. And I wish winter would go away again.
    Pam, it is!
    Ask Ms, ditto!
    Susan, I have a thing for pretty food ;-))
    Joanne – as to men and their grills – let them grill!
    Brad, you are so welcome!