Spring Stir-Fry with Beef; the update — 11 Comments

  1. I never had luck with cooking beef be it stir-fry or stew – they always turned out as tough as leather. 🙁 Great idea of using ground beef. I love stir-fry vegetables and meat. 🙂

  2. Hi Katie – great minds think alike….just made a very similar dish the other nite! Love stir-fry of any kind, Ina

  3. But aren’t the cuts of meat different from the US to begin with? I never had luck with beef in Europe, and neither did my wallet.

  4. Hi Katie – just thought of something…can you get sirloin steak, then cut thin? That is what our beef stir fry meat is…takes only a minute or two in a hot pan…but still stays tender. Ina

  5. Remodeling always includes a multitude of decisions and it sounds like you are doing fine. I love your stir fry dish, it looks delicious and very colorful. I’ve never done it with ground beef and will have to give it a go. Good luck with the measuring!

  6. I would be all for this meal! Having made the Beijing Beef from Steamy Kitchen with ground beef and we fell in love with it. I will have to try your recipe out also!

  7. Maybe bathtubs are non-essential? Most people like showers better, anyway… You do need one bathtub for dog bathing, but the rest could be showers?

  8. I’ve missed your other building updates, so now have to read back. I love hearing about what others are doing project-wise 🙂 On the meat subject, the more tender cuts (anything from the loin) will be expensive, but the good news is you don’t need that much in a stir fry. Another option is if you braise some chuck, you can then cut cubes and add that. Sounds good right now even though I haven’t had my first cup of coffee 🙂

  9. I remember noticing that about beef when we were bicycling not terribly far (by car, anyway) from Bergerac (we were bicycling south from Limoges). On recommendation from the restaurant, we had Charolais steaks and were amazed at how tough they were. Maybe the French think the steak we serve in North America is impossibly tender??

  10. Cooking Ninja, I usually use chicken but, sometimes I just want beef – and this works ;-))
    Ina and Border Pundit, the cuts are different, yes, but I think the beef is also just, um, chewier to put a nice spin on it….. In Andorra we got grass-fed, year-old veal which was wonderful. Not here, tho.
    Pam, we are both walking around with tape measures…. But it’s going pretty well – so far.
    HoneyB – Yum, I have to go find that…. Hope you like this one, too!
    Val, yes, well, wouldn’t want boredom to set in, now would we?
    Zoomie, we’ll do a small bathtub – and showers, both. Baths are still big here….
    Kellypea, glad to see you ;-)) Good idea about the braise – then I know it would be tender, and quick LOL
    Elizabeth, we used to buy Charolais from our neighbor (he raised it) and the steaks were always cut so thin. Then we discovered the reason.