Spring Vegetable Lasagne; Bunnies, bunnies and more bunnies — 13 Comments

  1. Personally I think bunnies & squirrels are in a contest to see which one can prove themselves to be the most perplexing to humans.
    Asparagus looks so good in the lasagne!

  2. Poor Katie – and if truth be told I was expecting a rabbit lasagna. That said, I’m glad it’s veggies.
    Thanks for sharing with Presto Pasta Nights.

  3. Hi Katie..Ohhh those darn bunnies, how frustrating! The lasagna looks incredible! Another wonderful way to use asparagus, Ina

  4. Yes I agree with Helen. Nothing will deter the rabbits other than having their friends in a hearty stew:D Is rabbit good on the BBQ:D If Mr. Thyme for Cooking is finished renovating he can prepare them. I am only kidding poor bunnies, but your lasagne sounds delectable and wearing it’s Spring coat.

  5. Any way you could put out a bowl of rabbit food or veggie scraps to divert the beasties, get their bellies full of easy grub so that they won’t touch your stuff? Just a thought.
    But don’t put out this colorful lasagna for them. Save this all for us. : )
    Thanks, Katie, for your PPN recipe!

  6. I loved this post, but the piece de la resistance was the bunny mafia part! Loved it! Good luck, I hear dogs are good for scaring them off (at least they are with gophers or prairie squirrels as they go by in Minnesota)!

  7. This looks heavenly! Love the addition of spinach and asparagus.
    Saw two bunnies (probably jack rabbits) chasing each other last week at work. I work out in the country in the redwoods, so we see lots of wild things. Never saw them chase each other…it was cute!

  8. Mmmmm!!! J’adore lasagne!
    And doesn’t this battle with the bunnies sound familiar? We have a similar on-going battle with squirrels, raccoons and possibly skunks.
    We finally managed to stop them from getting into the composter. Well, when I say “we” of course I mean “he”. My husband devised the plan: using an old bicycle inner tube like a giant elastic band, he put it over the door to the composter. It’s hard for me to remove the inner tube and virtually impossible for varmints (I think…).
    Good luck with the chicken wire! It sounds like a much safer (for you anyway) solution than stinky string that you mustn’t touch.

  9. I just love a good vegetable lasagne. When I first read your title, was thinking maybe there might be some rabbit in there too.
    When we had wild pigs tramping through our garden, a guy at the market told me to scatter smelly fertilizer around the perimeter. Don’t know if it would work with bunnies though.

  10. Helen, I’m just no good at the killing and skinning part.
    Tanna, funny, we have no squirrels – I’m told they were all eaten during the War.
    Ruth, I like rabbit – that I buy all cut-up!
    Ina, mon mari loves it, so I buy lots – then have to be creative!
    Val, are good on the BBQ… and, not that they are threatening ‘his’ sweetcorn he’s talking gun….
    Susan, actually, they are moving to the farmer’s corn field…. there may be hope for my little plot.
    Zoomie, we have raptors, but they’re not doing anything. And there used to be fox…. no more.
    Thanks, Kiki!
    Kirsten, my dogs are too old to catch them – and the bunnies have figured that out – now they tease.
    Elle, I see cute every morning from my bedroom window – but not just 2, more like 20. Happy to share.
    Elizabeth, yeah, the string was awful. The last resort would be elctric fence. That would make my vegetables very, very expensive! At some point one must concede defeat and get on with life – but not yet!
    Claudia, so far none of the ideas, other than fence, have worked. Catnip was supposed to keep them out – they ate it!