Turkey Rolls Stuffed with Ricotta and Olives; How to buy a toilet, — 7 Comments

  1. I think turkey was created to be used in this way, I mean as a bird to be eaten, not as a bird as such!

  2. 2 adults that are quite pleased with themselves and still speaking to each other … AWESOME … just as awesome as these rolls. I want to make them just to try the sauce and I know just the wine!

  3. Well, I’ve never thought about how one might go about choosing between toilets, nor did I think I would have that information delivered to me over my morning Hollywood bagel and coffee. You never know what you might find at Thyme for Cooking!! 🙂

  4. Val, shopping can be sooo tiring!
    Ilva, I found a shop the slices almost perfect thin cutlets. I do love a competent butcher.
    Thanks, Margot!
    Tanna, I’m of the ‘cook with whatever your drink’ school.
    Now we’re arguing about tiles…..
    Ina, we can’t get ground turkey, but I’m very happy with these.
    Tv Food and Drink, now if you ever have to go toilet shopping you’ll be prepared. One never knows……
    Damn, I miss bagels…..