White Bean and Radish Salad; Mending fences; Weekly Menu Plan — 6 Comments

  1. ;0) warmer, radish salad … too many fence holes ;(
    The fence just needs to keep them out till you can harvest, right …

  2. Oh, dear, I suppose next year you’ll need finer wire _and_ you’ll need to dig it in down below ground level to keep the tunnelers out! Auwe! Glad you could salvage a nice salad, anyway!

  3. I love the salad and hope for the best regarding bunnies running through your fences.
    That’s got to be frustrating.

  4. Tanna, but if it doesn’t keep them out they’ll move in a nest for the winter – and chew the trees…. Never ends.
    Kalyn, it’s a great, simple, salad…. Tried your roasted radishes the other night – yum!
    Zoomie, I know I need to dig down…. and I haven’t. Likely I’l regret it soon.
    Christine – very frustrating. I keep waiting for them to get bigger!