Asparagus: recipes, storage and preperation — 5 Comments

  1. Great, great ideas for asparagus! I have still never cooked with the white. I have never seen it local and it always seems so expensive.

  2. Oh, I wish we could get the fat white asparagus here. They are never fresh, always canned, and foul-tasting. But in France they are fantastic.

  3. Oh I’m thinking I’ll find lots of asparagus in a couple of weeks when we’re in Michigan.
    Once talked to an owner of a huge asparagus field in Michigan once. Amazing how they get the white by really blocking the sun.

  4. Katerina, in season, it’s in huge baskets, here, everywhere…. But never cheap. Just less expensive sometimes than others ;-))
    Lydia, in Spain they seem to prefer the canned or jarred as the case is. It’s on every menu but rarely fresh. But the stores are filled with jars and jars of it…. sometimes it’s so big there is only 1 spear in a jar.
    Elizabeth, always – great minds…..
    Tanna, you should hit the season just right. Enjoy every bit. I think our season is over.Sob!