Baked Tomatoes with Ham and Egg; raw milk machine — 16 Comments

  1. Rascally wabbits:D I like the milk dispensing machine. I think it would be a great way to get people to recucle their milk bottles by needing to take them to the store to be refilled.

  2. There are machines like this in Italy as well. It’s never going to happen in the US: it would be a dream. I hope you’ll make some cheese with it.

  3. No milk machines like that here and we would be hard pressed to even find raw milk. Long-life milk, never even have heard of that. Your salad looks delicious!

  4. Katie – lovely salad, we had 8 days of rain, now finally some sun! Thanks for the heads us about French Meadow Bakery…will post tomorrow, Ina

  5. Val, I haven’t used it yet (for shame) but I think it’s great.
    Simona, I doubt that raw milk can even be sold legally in the US. You’ve made cheese, I know – I’ll be over to check it out.
    Zoomie, not quite that good, I’m afraid…. But it’s a thought!
    Pam, long-life is ultra-pastuerised. It never sours – just rots…. I tried to sour some once to use for buttermilk…… But, if you don’t live near a town it’s great. Our friend in the mountains uses it – and it tastes fine – to most people.
    Ina, we finally had a day of mostly sun… I’m soooo sick or rain.

  6. Raw milk … I must have missed looking for it. If it’s not transported across state lines, you think that would make it legal here … have to check that.
    Fresh cheese is a treat.
    Ha I’d love it to be so cold I’d like to keep things warm with the oven.

  7. So does the milk come out of the cow’s udder? That would be a gimmick to make me laugh!
    Very hard to get raw milk around here. You certainly can’t buy it at a kiosk!
    Your eggs caprese is a great idea. I could eat that for breakfast today.

  8. You can buy raw milk around here (USA-Illinois & Wisconsin), but only directly from the dairy. They are apparently prohibited from distributing it. The dairy in Carol Stream, IL is getting $8/gallon, bring your own container.

  9. I love your take on caprese salad. Some of my favorite foods are in there.
    We can buy raw milk at the grocers here in California. Here is a link to where it can be purchased:

  10. Tanna, I wish I could send you some cold…. I’ve never tried fresh cheese…. Should be fun! (and tasty)
    Terry, thanks… I’ve been on a poached egg kick lately.
    Rachel, not quite that fresh – although the sign says it’s delivered every morning, fresh from the cows.
    brassfrog, that seems like a good price, really. The containers here are 6 euros, reusable, of couse, and I think the milk is 2 euros a litre. Damn, now I have to go back and look….
    Christine, really? Right at the grocers? How nice. Nice to see that happening.

  11. That raw milk machine is the coolest thing ever! I wish so much we’d have that kind of convenience here, but the dairy industry has been great at brainwashing people over the last 70 years. Fortunately raw milk consumption is on the upswing among those with post-graduate degrees–kind of hard to brainwash! I hope.

  12. Also, Katie, raw milk laws vary by state. Sales in groceries are legal in a few and sales off the farm are legal in a few more. In most states, you either buy pet milk, or have to own the cow–directly, or by boarding arrangement with the farmer. That’s what I have. Several friends and I bought cows that we pay the farmer to board. Boarding a dairy cow includes milking it!