Barbecued Chicken Thighs; Fads; Menu of the Week — 7 Comments

  1. I’d be far more impressed if someone said how to bake lasagne in the kitchen sink – for those of us who don’t have a dish washer (unless you count me as the dishwasher – and I REALLY don’t recommend the idea of baking the lasagne in m…. No. I WON’T finish that sentence. It even makes me carsick.)
    Your barbecued chicken looks wonderful. No big surprise there.

  2. Today, I think the fads are all online – viral YouTube videos, things on Facebook that everyone adopts and posts, etc. Not nearly as much fun as finding out how many college students can be stuffed into a VW Beetle.

  3. Cindy, you are sooo right! I love summer cooking.
    Elizabeth, we don’t have one either, well, I do – mon mari… We had one, once, used it for storage. I’m a chicken thigh convert!
    Zoomie, It was more fun when there was actual human to human interaction, wasn’t it. Nothing like a foot in the face to make one feel connected.

  4. Well, sockeye is in season, and I actually remember my mother cooking a whole fish in the dishwasher (as the recipe in the weekend paper suggested).
    That was the early 70s…as for now, it`s sockeye season — but you`ve gotta think I`m crazy to put a $35 filet of salmon into a dishwasher! Theresa

  5. Lasagna in the dishwasher – wrong on so many levels! Why wuld anybody want to? And as for the hunkering fad… the mind boggles! The chicken looks good, even without the intervention of a dishwasher 😉

  6. Island Vittles, Fish in a dishwasher? I don’t think so…. was it good?
    Jeanne, it really makes one wonder, doesn’t it? I mean, why?