Dips and Salsas – Summer foods — 8 Comments

  1. Easy — that’s the determining factor for me when I’m making summer food. Easy, and not too much cooking (i.e., heat). These dips all look delicious. It will be hard to choose.

  2. All of these dishes look so good, and fresh! I’ll have to try Sesame oil in hummus,what a great combo that would be! Ina

  3. Katie, I do remember those kinds of dips…my favorite was the mayo, sour cream and dried onion soup mix served with Fritos! Yikes…all that fat and salt. Love your hummus recipe. I usually buy it prepared…will try making it your way instead!

  4. Mmmm, I’ll have the olive salsa please! I grew up wth Lawry’s seasonings – i still have the lemon pepper, but my favourite was the Salt-free 17! Wonder if they still make it…
    My mom’s standby dip was always half cream cheese, half Hellmanns mayo and a lot of Aromat seasoning (read: MSG). And I turned out OK! 😉

  5. Tomato olive salsa … gorgeous looking and from the ingredients, it has to be wonderful!
    Moorish, yes.

  6. Lydia, I’m with you on the easy part! And cooking outside.
    Pam, so it IS still around… I loved it too.
    Ina, I actually use walnit oil which is much more common here – but similar in taste.
    Elle, I used to make one with the onion soup and cream cheese – more fat and all the salt! Fritos! I loved Fritos….
    Jeanne, I loved making dips with cream cheese, Funny, now I buy flavored (naturally) sea salts – with thyme or parsley or garlic….
    Val, they are all rather ‘moorish’
    Tanna, one can never have too many olives!