Magret de Canard (Duck Breast) and Courgette (Squash) Salad; the update — 15 Comments

  1. “Bunny Begone” – oh you crack me up!! My mom always said to do things properly the first time, and I generally do (costs be damned!) but my husband has not yet reached the point where he thinks like this. It’s an uphill struggle!! Love the salad – any salad featuring duck cannot be a bad thing…

  2. Katie What a delightful garden, it’s beautiful so peaceful except for Bunny warriors I guess. Oh you might like to know I tried to buy duck fat from my local shop…they only had goose fat It was expensive so I roasted some potatoes for my Tour de France Challenge, Fantastic. Now it is in my fridge might treat the grandchildren on Thursday when they come for dinner.

  3. Your neighbors must be thrilled to see that lovely old place being upgraded and loved. Good luck repelling the bunnies! Maybe you need a terrier to terrify them?

  4. Great pictures. The garden just slays me — as I sit here in the American Southwestern desert fighting for anything green. Except weeds. Weeds seem to love the desert. The six foot high stone walls DO deter the occasional rabbit, however.

  5. You know that Aerosmith song, Janie’s got a gun? She got it to shoot rabbits for the pot! Probably got a duck or two. Nice job.

  6. I think we always go for the quick fix matter how old we get.
    Love this salad! It’s summer in a bowl!

  7. Quel beau jardin! (I so wanted “jardin” to be feminine so I could write “Quel belle jardin” … oooh wait!! I can have my cake and eat it too: quel belles fleurs! – yes, yes, I know. It’s no doubt grammatically incorrect.) Anyway, back on topic: I do envy you your garden. It looks wonderful. Our weather has been pretty good and our basil doesn’t look nearly as fabulous as yours!
    I also envy you having that lovely duck salad. The duck looks so tender!

  8. It’s so nice to see pics of your garden, Katie. I do hope the wood fencing does the trick with the bunnies. You know, calling them bunnies just encourages them – makes them feel all cute, like they can do no wrong. Try another name for them. I know you’ve got one… 🙂
    That duck breast salad is gorgeous! I wish duck breasts weren’t so darned expensive here.

  9. Your garden is lovely and shows so much attention to detail. I am planting more basil today and dill too. Somehow I forgot that originally and need it for the cucumbers. The salad looks wonderful. You have inspired me!

  10. Jaw dropping. Duck salad, you’ve given me a craving. And the garden/yard/flowers … it’s worth the work to keep those devils out. Christine’s right, shouldn’t call them bunnies.

  11. Jeanne, I used to be like that…. then hubs convinced me to be cheap – going back to the old ways.
    Gilli, goose fat is much better – but expensive here, too. And usually only available in late fall.
    Ina, if this doesn’t work I concede defeat.
    Zoomie, my dogs don’t even scare them any more. They just hop out of reach, stop and laugh.
    Pam, they can continue to eat the farmer’s wheat field.
    Kirsten, I would have been – just as the tomatoes are getting ripe. Now – pesto!
    TikiPundit, cactus? A very zen-like weed, cactus and rock garden?
    Peter, the hubs is an expert at grilling the duck. I’ll pass on the compliment
    Neil, I don’t have a gun….yet. If they get in now….
    Joanne, it’s like biting your tongue – we should know better!
    Elizabeth, the duck is wonderful. The breasts come from the ducks used for foie gras. Politically incorrect breasts.
    Christine, yes, well I do call them something else when alone…. One of the babies got in the other day…. Damn cute thing!
    Penny, I wish I could send you some dill. I planted lots and it will be done before the cukes even start. I never get that timed right!
    Tanna, at least they have stayed out of the lettuce!