Pasta with Courgette and Grilled Chicken; How I got fat in France — 10 Comments

  1. What a funny story, and a lovely looking pasta:) Thanks for sending it over to PPN:)

  2. Katie – I hear you! Since turning 52, my metabolism finally slowed…I gained 30 lbs! I needed 15 of those lbs…but the other 15? I also love food, but suppose I should get more exercise….oh, and we are having pasta tonight too! Ina

  3. Wow that is so funny! Maybe if the US lowered its weight chart fewer people would be obese. I mean, why is there a 40 pound skew for normal?
    And I’m with you. Eat the same (or more) but MOVE more is the way to go! I couldn’t give up food to lose weight…everything in moderation!

  4. Those are the exact same pasta shapes I used last night 🙂
    I’m considered a bit chubby here in France, but boy will I feel skinny in 2 weeks when I get to Minnesota. I’ll have to remind myself to go easy on the snacking there.

  5. oh how you spoken the same words in my mind relating to weight issue. well good thing we are aware and not denial about it. Lovely pasta dish here, i love those spirals,the springy texture and really hold on to the sauce. Fresh and Lite! Do you like brown rice pasta or Whole wheat pasta?

  6. Guess it’s time to move back to the states ;-D
    OR…ignore the scales…so much easier. Great post and delicious dish to share with PResto Pasta Nights. Thanks for always making my day.

  7. Eeeek!!! I’ve been struggling (well, not really very hard actually – I’ve never been very good at reducing my intake – there are so many good things to eat!!) to get from 165lbs down to 160lbs – I’m 5’9. I’ll bet that in France I’m supposed to weigh around 155lbs. Good thing I live in Canada and don’t have to worry about anyone but those nearest and dearest seeing the state of my really rather dull underwear.
    (I can’t seem to find a chart for France OR Canada. I did find a BMI index at Health Canada but cannot for the life of me figure out how to read the chart. I even went so far as to calculate my weight in kilos and height in cm but it didn’t clarify things in the least.)
    Hmmm. Maybe I’m hungry. THAT’S why I am having trouble reading the charts. Yes. That’s it. Perhaps I should have a plate of pasta. Yours looks good.

  8. Mansi, thanks – and you are so welcome!
    Ina, for me it’s all about the exercise – I refuse to give up any food!
    Joanne, and extra 3 minutes on the treadmill for every piece of chocolate – makes it so worthwhile, too ;-))
    Meredith, the snacking always does me in… The stuff is everywhere and everyone is constantly nibbling. Have a wonderful trip!
    CDookNg Sisters – brown rice pasta? Haven’t seen that but sounds good. I get ‘integral’ which is whole wheat (I think)
    Ruth, ignore the scales – I did that when we first moved to this house and lost 4 lbs – of course it could have been the cold…..
    Elizabeth, Ah, the BMI…. There was a hint that my waist could have been smaller, as well….. Only so much time in a day and if I have to eliminate something it’s usually the sit-ups…. not the pasta!

  9. Just goes to show… everything is relative. Like the girth of my thighs relative to sexy red undies’ thigh openings. Aaaarrrrgh! Maybe this is the explanation for the rise in girls “going commando” :o) Just far less pressure!
    No way I am giving up pasta either – the resistance sarts here!