Pasta with Ham, Spinach and Mascarpone; Houdini Dog — 11 Comments

  1. Just too funny about the escaping family member:D Pasta is on my menu for next weeks so I am defitely looking for something new:D

  2. Very funny – and now never to be underestimated again!
    As for pasta…we are always glad when you do participate in Presto Pasta Nights. Thanks for this lovely looking dish.

  3. You’re right, she is pretty; but apparently smart, too. No nose, however, if she didn’t detect your mari. Maybe she just pretended not to see him…

  4. What a wonderful pasta dish! I love the mascarpone in it! Of course the doggie is smart, all doggies are smart.

  5. The pasta is gorgeous – love the combination of ham, spinach and cheese! And I’m with Pam – all dogs are smart!

  6. Very clever dog, if you ask me. Can’t wait for your potato post on Sunday as I must know what the new (to you) kind is. Thanks so much for your kind comment, Katie.

  7. Ummmm, looks like yummy pasta,I will be doing some pasta dishes too! Our dog would do the same thing – they are sooo smart! Ina

  8. I saw this recipe on Presto Pasta Nights and wanted to stop by and check out the recipe. I have never had mascarpone this way. It sounds really good and looks delicious!

  9. Val, I thought I was really losing it with the lovely dog….
    Ruth, thanks, Mascarpone is so delightfully decadent!
    Zoomie, she is a beautful, loving, cuddly dog – but no nose….
    Pam, and the spinach, don’t forget the spinch ;-0
    Sweet Kitchen, I’ll pass on your kind words to the girls.
    Christine, She’s more clever than I thought…. You’re welcome….
    Ina, I’m glad to be back on the pasta for a change.
    Holy Cannoli, thanks – I’m always looking for ways to used the ‘rest’ of something when I buy it for 2 tbs….

  10. Houdini dog … not sure which picture is better: the dog’s routine or Mon mari hiding! Thanks for this one.