Roasted Radishes; disappearing dog and the update — 17 Comments

  1. I love your dog stories – although like you I’d have not liked to have Cora out while we are away. The radishes look great! I have to try that!

  2. Clever Emma! And now she knows why curiosity killed the cat. Bet she’s not nearly as curious about those stairs after being outside in the storm! Although I wonder why she didn’t just retrace her steps.
    It’s great to see the progress on your house! What do you call it when you enjoy other people renovating their interesting property in exotic climes? Is this some kind of really, really slow reality..well, it’s not TV… reality blogging?

  3. Ha…what a smarty pants to find an escape route. I trued the riasted radishes last season and probably found them on Kalyns blog too:D

  4. Clever dog!!
    Having just discovered the wonders of stir-fried radishes, this roasted radish thing sounds very interesting. But it’s too hot to turn on the oven. I think we’re going to have to try this in the barbecue wok.

  5. The radishes are so pretty! They kind of look like pink corn the way you have photographed them ;P

  6. Lots of radishes at the CSA and in my own garden so this sounds like a good recipe to try.
    As far as DIY projects, ours ALWAYS involve multiple trips to the hardware. It’s a fact of life here.

  7. So glad you liked the radishes! It’s fun to see how your house is coming along too.

  8. I’m skeptical, but I will try those roasted radishes.
    You have a Houdini dog 🙂

  9. Emma is one clever dog who knows how to escape. The radishes look great. I would have never thought of doing that. Glad to see your moving right along with the remodeling!

  10. Dogs are sooo smart! We have to keep one step ahead of our lab – she astounds me sometimes! I’m getting ready to go pick radishes from the garden right now! Ina

  11. That tub looks like it’s going to be fun. I see candles, bubbles, and champagne to celebrate the bathroom’s completion.
    Beautiful peony!

  12. Houdini Dog, yes! They make it so fine.
    These radishes have long been on my list to try. Perhaps soon.

  13. Oh, and the tub … oh woman that is sooooo coooooool. Lynn’s got the setting just right!

  14. Hi Katie: Just listening to our local news…they are saying there is mass flooding in France…but did not specify where? Hope you guys are doing well….sending blessings to France! Ina

  15. Zoomie, she obviously didn’t run away, but she’s not at all ‘car smart’, so I worry.
    Tracy, she may be smart – but she’s not THAT smart…. poor wet doggy.
    Val, they are good aren’t they. I just pulled another bunch….
    Elizabeth, stir-fried…. Hmmmm. Weather’s still crap – could be a stir-fry night.
    Sasa, I loved the color, too!
    Cindy, thankfully the DIY is much closer here than the last house. And when we’re done, we can just open our own with the extra bits we buy.
    Thanks, Kalyn. Slow but sure – usually. The radishes were wonderful.
    Meredith, a determined Houdini dog. Give ’em a try ;-))
    Pam, every day a little more gets done. I’, the cheerleader!
    Ina, I have half a row left – one good thing about the cool rain – the lettuce and radishes are still good.
    Hi Pille, the season should just be starting for you, right?
    Lynn, you are so very right. A long soak (maybe that will get the garden dirt out of my nails)
    Tanna, I’m almost looking forward to winter just so I can use it.
    Ina, it’s quite a bit further south. We have rain – and boot-sucking mud, but no flooding.

  16. LOL – I love the tale of Houdini Dog! You should get her her own TV show (and she is still the gorgeous one – tell her from me!). I have never thought to roast radishes but will do so posthaste!