Shrimp and Asparagus Salad; the importance of sexy undies — 14 Comments

  1. Oh, wow, that would definitely get me on the diet path and back at the gym! Maybe _this_ is why French women don’t get fat!

  2. And here in America, if you try to skip the gown because they are just STUPID, the doctor will probably freak out. *sigh* I’d think it might be easier to hang onto some dignity in your skin and some panties than in those damn gowns.
    But I am a dancer and therefore have very, very little body modesty. I can imagine that whole experience would be, um, *trying* for most.
    Hope you got a clean bill of health!

  3. I think more women should realize the importance of sexy undies….if not for anyone who may see them but for your own self image! Glad you go thru the exam !

  4. How wonderfully funny! I hope after all that you got a clean, if sexy, bill of health.
    We’ve still got asparagus coming in so this recipe is a must try.

  5. very enlightening, although I wish someone could explain why a french doctor in the U.S. needed to measure the bust size (at the nipple) when I was applying for a visa to live there for a year in 1988. felt fishy at the time!

  6. Zoomie, it is a good incentive. I have my GYN app. in September…. I’m thinking a 5 lbs loss would be good….
    Ina, one gets used to it…. One has no choice.
    Pam, and we do have topless (and nude) beaches. After you get a look at some of the grannies going topless…..
    Laurie, I think people are just more excepting of reality here. One looks like one looks and that’s it. Of course, one tries to look good ;-))
    Chef Dennis, you are absolutely right. And if you look at the many lingerie shops here…. French women agree.
    Shayne, it does have a way of encouraging looking good.
    Magic, thanks…
    Christine, should get the results in the mail this week… but they all seemed satisfied.
    Kirsten, that does seem rather fishy…. I had waist and hips measured (for logical medical reasons), but not bust…

  7. So that’s why French women don’t get fat! I mean really it seems very logical to me.
    Lacy undies …. I need to go shopping.
    LOVE the salad.

  8. Hate lacey undies — they itch. (Yes, I know they make very soft stretchy lace these days. It’s the concept that itches.) I’d rather go commando. 😉
    Of course, my usual MO is plain cotton undies ’cause they’re comfy….
    If I want sexy, I’ll go for the full blown corset and garters. Like I said, dancer. No modesty. 😉 And YES, Europeans in general seem more accepting of bodies as they are. Hooray for that!
    Shutting up about undies now…. 😉

  9. Tanna, pride can go along way towards passing up that last bit of baguette. One can’t hide the extra pound when one is naked.
    Laurie, the doc probably would have noticed the comfy cotton – and definitely the corset and garters…. LOL