Stuffed Zucchini (Courgette) Flowers; the update — 15 Comments

  1. Oh, this sounds delicious. I’ve never tried zucchini flowers; in fact, I’ve never seen them in the grocery stores. Maybe at a farmer’s market? This recipe would be a great recipe to try with the prosciutto and ground beef. I will be looking for the flowers!
    Your bathroom is looking good and I bet you can’t wait until completion!

  2. Oh, to have weather that is hot enough to grow zucchini. I like this recipe. I’ve only stuffed zucchini blossoms with savory ricotta. This sounds very good.

  3. The farmer’s markets in my ‘hood stubbornly refuse to carry zucchini blossoms. Iwant to try them so badly and no one wants to sacrifice the zucchini crop to be curbed in the slightest bit.

  4. Can’t wait to seethe finished house. The Blue is very pretty Katie. I have never done courgette flowers they are available but only in farmers markets…must do it next summer

  5. I love these Katie and I’m jealous…been patiently awaiting the blossoms to arrive at the markets here.

  6. Love the writing on the wall! And though I’ve never actually eaten zucchini flowers, I know I would love them. That’s a given.

  7. It is definitely good to know that your husband still has a sense of humor…especially since he spends so much time carrying around a hammer!
    I’ve been dying to find some zucchini flowers so that I can stuff ’em. This looks like one delicious dish!

  8. I am still trying to convice the framwers to pick their males and sell them at the market…they have no imaginination:D Maybe perhaps in Vancouver:D

  9. Stuffed zucchini flowers are a favourite of mine ever since I worked in France but this stuffing looks amazing – mine was just plain ole cheese.

  10. I love stuffed squash blossoms — and these look delicious. This is making me wish I had planted a few squash plants this year… decided against them since our garden is small, and they take up quite a bit of room. But, yum — those blossoms make it all worth it!

  11. Pam, I’m not certain that the flowers survive shipping – I picked mine in the morning – next time I’ll wait until just before using. They weren’t as nice by dinner.
    Christine, ricotta – sounds delicious. Next time. I have lots of blossoms. I thought zucchini was okay with cool weather – they grow it in England….
    Rachel, they only need to pick the male blossoms – tell them LOL
    Pam, slowly byt surely.
    Gilli, thanks – I’m rather partial to blue….
    Zoomie, I can’t believe I didn’t see it until I took the photo. – yeah, he has his moments….
    Peter, you need a garden… I’ve never seen them in the markets here. Good luck!
    Toni, yeah, cute LOL. The flowers were good!
    Joanne, and a nail gun… I worry about the nail gun.
    Val, they could pick all but one – and make everyone happy. Maybe it’s a guy thing
    Sasa, I want to try ricotta – didn’t have any when the flowers were ready.
    Lo, they do take up a lot of room, but 2 plants are plenty…. Maybe you can snitch from neighbors.

  12. You’re not leaving the scaffolding there? Mais pourquois?? It could be very post-industrial, chic and witty. And crowded 😉
    I would be too terrified to waste any of my zucchini flowers lest the ones I pick were the exact ones that might have led to fruit. LOVE the stuffed flowers when other people make them though!

  13. Jeanne, also, with heat rising and all that, sitting on the scaffolding in winter can get quite toasty.
    My zucchini has exploded… I can’t keep up